Balance sucks

look at ladder and balance please With all the classes and specs you have to play a Warlock or nothing


What sucks is people incapable of thinking for themselves and only looking at ladders at streamers.


Dont rlly see the problem balance will come tbh. Lock is strong but every class is strong tbh.


No, they’re not, this game just isn’t the worst ARPG on the market because there’s the terrible Diablo 4. lock is making waves 2k+ falconer 1k+ all the others 400 or less. This PROVES that the balance of this game is pathetic, the defenses don’t work, the game has problems with calculations and servers which makes it impossible to play in the late game. And YES this is a problem, it’s the same problem as Diablo 3, the game regressed to the meta VERY FAST. Soon everyone had to follow a cake recipe or not play. What makes this even worse is the fact that a modern game doesn’t have true trading. unfortunate

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Maybe you don’t realize this, but 47% of the current ladder is Warlocks and Falconers. Are you saying these are all streamers?


Do you even play arenas? Like what do someone that runs monoliths care about how high can someone else go in arenas? It’s not like you are going to be farming corruption 2000.

People are unable to enjoy the game and run their own race.


This is the same type of argument that we saw on the Diablo 3 forum, that we see in D4… and we all know that it didn’t end well, the game has serious problems and the balance reflects this, denying it will only make the game empty more fast

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The ladder only shows Arena, which 99% of the people don’t play. You born last night?


I’d love to see where you’re getting your statistics from, because LE tools shows 20,000 people on the Arena ladder. This is ~10% of the average active player count.

You really are simple minded, that is a SMALL (very small) percent of the players. Go cry somewhere else kid. Your number of total players is WAY off. Crybaby!

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You’re right. I said average active player count. So the number is more like 27%. I guess that’s probably a very small number to someone who sees the number 2 but can’t count past 10.

More spam? :smiley: Will it ever end?

Way to completely miss the point.

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What point did I miss? That you are bitter toward arenas and streamers for no reason? Or the fact you tell people to think for themselves but really think everyone should think like you?


Anyone disagreeing that balance is out of whack is out of their mind. Game is borderline broken for anyone except liek 3-4 builds that uses wards and or warlock.


We have a larger representation of Runemasters, Falconers and Warlocks because those are the newest additions to the game. Those of us that have been playing for a long while have a lot of experience with the other masteries, and can therefore more easily tap into that knowledge in order to build stronger characters.

In order for something to be unbalanced there would have to be a large discrepancy between what each mastery can and cannot do. Personally I have yet to see any mastery that couldn’t complete the game and with some gear - do 3-400 corruption monoliths.

With that said I will not deny that several builds that depend on a large ward pool to survive should expect nerfs in the months ahead. I can’t, for instance, imagine that Warlocks being able to get 40k ward from “eating” Bone Prison is intended, but I could be wrong.


Pretty sure the only bitter person here is you. Have fun in life.

Well you can say something about balance in Monolith as well. Aren’t there already Locks running 2300+ coruption? ^^

Because of a busted Ward interaction that is clearly not intended, not because the class is inherently too strong.

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Ward right now is pretty busted while Spellblade as ward centric class is still fubar.