Bad game performance on high-end PC

playing now few days since Closed Beta patch, and noticed pretty bad performance on my machine. On 1440p very high I got 40-50fps, on high 50-60, when I tried very low I even couldn’t keep constant 100+fps, always dropping below (and game looks very bad on this settings).

My basic specs are here:

CPU: i7 8700k
GPU: nVidia GeForce RTX 2070
RAM: 16GB 3000MHz
installed on SSD m.2 type 500GB

All newest titles I can run on 1440p max with 70-90fps and my favorites (PoE, Dota2, APEX etc.) on max setting on capped g-sync 144Hz monitor.

I read some threads on forums and reddit about the performance issue. Seems like optimalization problem with RTX family or other newer GPUs, cause some people with GTX ones like 1080 or 1080TI got good performance even with slower CPU.
Also Im not streaming, recording or doing anything with my system in background.

Here I post my complete system specs. if thats helpful or if it can reveal problem on my side.
DxDiag.txt (83.2 KB)

Thanks for great game btw, I enjoy it so far :slight_smile:

I am running into the same issue. I’m enjoying the game so far quite a bit, but while game runs my cpu primarily is overly taxed.

Although I am not hitting extreme numbers I monitor my temps and my cpu is sitting around 65c, for my setup this is very warm.

I play on a 65” 4k tv generally play every other game I play on ultra.

I am forced to play the game windowed at 1920x1080 with every graphical feature either turned off or low to get 60fps.

My comp specs as follows
I9 9900k
32g ddr4 3600 ram
Zotac 2080ti amp 11g

I know it’s very early beta, I still wanted to make a note

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Hey guys, if you play our latest patch it would be very helpful to hear if or how the performance has changed. We’re trying to collect as much specific information on this as possible.

Things that are helpful to have reported are if the performance issues are general low fps, if there are certain areas or actions causing fps dips, or if there are other things causing it to seem like there is poor performance like a jitter somewhere.

Thank you guys sincerely for taking the time to report this stuff. It is very helpful :+1: