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Backer Titles for Forum

Do we get our backer titles for our forum profiles?

You will, but it isn’t setup yet.

Weird because I have mine. Is it because I bought the game off your website and not kickstarter or am I just nuts. Also. Since I bought the game off your website will I still get kickstarter updates or am I screwed in that regard.

Yes it is. :slight_smile:

We have the titles themselves created, but we need to wait two weeks for KickStarter to process the payments, then arrange for people who bought through KickStarter to choose a forum account for their forum title to be applied to. This is what Hackalöken had been referring to.


Accounts on our website and KickStarter accounts are totally separate.

What you do with one should not affect the other in any way.

So will the updates on Kickstarter be shared around here somewhere as well? Was unfortunately not able to process the payment through kickstarter and would be unfortunate to miss out! However, I do not know how you intend to use that either.

Now that our KickStarter campaign has run its course we’ll be looking to migrate people from there to here. This requires a certain amount of work on our end, and we can’t begin the process until the conclusion of the 14 days during which KickStarter fulfills pledges and reaches out to anyone they’re having problems billing - say, if their card has expired during the interim, for example.

test the title




edit: nope.


Awesome. It may seem trivial and some might say you should focus on the game development instead, but adding a big community here will help a lot in keeping it alive in the future.

Regarding that, the forum does seem quite slow already, is that being looked into before you flood the forum with everyone from KS?

That’s true tho, the website is a little bit slow, for awhile already.

Testing for my title!


Nice…thank you get wait to get my hands on the alpha in august! Cheers devs and fellow travelers.

yay :slight_smile:

Edit: nope :frowning:

Well, game development would have MY priority at least…so no hassle here.

Test reply disregard please.

Ohhh some are up. Soo test


annnd yep no dice yet

People with titles already purchased packs directly through our website. People without titles backed us on KickStarter and we need to setup a way to credit people’s EHG accounts with their KickStarter purchases.

There’s very few exceptions to this.

Does this work? Let`s find out!

Ahhh ok thanks for the heads up. I wasn’t sure if you had done it/were rolling it out already or something else. Do you know yet if we will have to connect with you first?

Testing lol…

Title Test