Autumnal Wrap & Bees Pets Update


When the patch comes out, animal.

I guess this sort of answers the Question that many people had here: “When is the next patch going live?” → Thursday, Friday or Saturday I would assume from that wording.

Bonjour je vous remercie de vos efforts mais j’avoue aussi avoir un soucis de ne pas pouvoir jouer avec mes amis avec mon nécromention "mage squelette "( spectre ) il veux taper sur tout les mignons alliés voir même liane des druides au sol.

swweet thx <3

Thanks the help ,i find it :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Although the game had a rough start, it is pretty fun for now :grin:

thx… got the game on 2 march. i hate these type actions.

I played prior to March 1st and I do not have the Autumnal Wrap.