Auto Potion Pickup Toggle Please

All the old requests threads have closed so I thought i would request this again…

For the love of everything in existance… please … please… please… please… allow us to toggle auto potion pickup…

There is nothing quite like having a tanky low life ward build, who can survive most bosses, die just because the some minor mobs that could barely hit him dropped a potion within pickup radius…

They need to have a new “Reason for death: Potion consumption”


ps… Yes, I know you can get potion to ward and the unique that negates this too but specing those affixes is a serious loss of build quality… and yes I know if you are lucky enough to stack 4k health its less of a problem… but please… just a toggle…


I feel like this is a “having your cake and eating it too” problem. IMO, spending either your Amulet or Belt slot is a perfectly fair tradeoff to reduce the skill ceiling by completely removing the only real survivability drawback faced by low life Ward builds, especially since it also improves your survivability further by allowing you to use (and even abuse) potions.

Dont really see it that way… The devs put in the possibility of a low life build but they gave it an artificial achilies heel (imho) that isnt a game mechanic like the others… It is very odd to have to dodge an item lying on the ground vs dodging a proper game mechanic like a poison pool… and half the time, you cannot even see it because its consumed when the mob at your feet died.

Sure they provided a single unique to counter this effect entirely by sacrificing a belt slot… and a one affix and one idol which are very hard to get to a total of 100% potion to ward…

I really think its an odd way of giving a low life build a downside… It seems to me almost like an “oh sh1t, we forgot about auto drinking potions” … ah nevermind it keeps low life from getting too powerful…

They could have bridled ward in much easier ways in my opinion…

There is also an amulet. Neither of those uniques are “a sacrifice” unless you completely ignore the tangible benefits they provide on top of solving a mostly self-created problem with potions.

The more options the better, it should be a toggle in gameplay.

If someone wants to pick gold by hand he shall be free to do it as well.

I’d also like it not for low life builds. I keep doing things like “oh i’m low on life, let’s use a potion and pick one up to replace it” run over there, pick it up and auto use, and then use one to no effect. Now I’m out an entire potion!

Wow, I never thought about this lol. Maybe I should make a LL build and feel the despair of the potion death, I think I’d laugh til I cried when I tell my wife why I just died.

Me: “I died! Hahahaha!”

Not me: “…What? How did you die?”

“I picked up a potion, while on full potions, while on low life, on a low life build! Hahahaha!”

“Yeah, definitely waiting on MP lulz.”

I imagine something like that. But anyway:

Self created? Because they chose to play a LL build? That the devs have designed and placed into the game as an option? That they feel cornered to wearing more uniques to fix the issue of… potions being picked up? Elaborate on this please, it’s really bugging me. That ‘mostly’ in front of it all is what’s bugging me, I suppose. Is it not yes or no? Self created, not self created? Perhaps a suggestion that it’s a problem manufactured by multiple entities?

Nah, I’m just playing. I see both of you’re points and believe both are valid. I just support not having to run uniques to curb uniques. Just toggle potions. Solved. Regardless of who created it all… solved. Just my opinion of course. Grain of salt and all that shit. :slight_smile:

Imho this is an oversight. It’s not intended that you get this kind of downside when you choose to play LL. It’s not a needed drawback to balance the power of going LL. It’s just frustrating and clunky.

And I think I remember a dev answer on discord or stream, where EHG stated they are aware and look into it.

It seems rather easier than implementing a toggle option to me. If the problem is that you auto use a potion when your belt is full, simply ditch that particular “feature”. Health management is part of the game, in my opinion, and shouldn’t be automated with such a thing. If my health is dropping, I have a belt full of potions, and there’s a potion on the ground, it should be incumbent upon me top use a potion and then replace it with the one on the floor.

Leave access to potions as it is, just eliminate auto use, in my view.

Yes, in my opinion, choosing a build that bases its very powerful Ward (re)generation on having the least life possible at all times and then refusing to equip either of the items that mitigate the one occasional drawback of that choice is a self created problem.

I think it’s more appropriate to look at it as an interlocking combo that builds on itself and makes itself complete, especially since both the belt and the amulet provide additional advantages on top of just solving the auto-pickup problem.

And, in general, I tend not to support “I have a problem in my build, I shouldn’t have to solve it by changing my build, the Devs should solve it instead”, which is how I see this. Just equip the belt or the amulet. Problem solved and your character is also stronger.

I can see your point Bronco. Hmmm. I still feel picking up a potion shouldn’t cause death due to a build type. This isn’t self created in my view, just perhaps an oversight or unintended side effect. Hopefully, anyway.

I think I’ll finally try a LL build and see how much impact the amulet/belt has if not a good exalted. Appreciate the conversation! :slight_smile:

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