Auto enable waypoints in towns

I know that some waypoints already do this, especially in the first few towns, but there are some that don’t. And for most that don’t it’s not a big deal because your natural path will take you near them, whether for quests or the chest, etc.
But particularly the one in Harborea doesn’t and nothing in your quest collecting and item handling will take you near it.
I’ve had it happen a few times that I forget to go activate the waypoint and when I want to go back to deliver the quests and move on I have to go to an adjacent area instead because it’s not active. It’s annoying and a waste of time to have a few extra loading screens for nothing.

I would also suggest keeping towns more centralized, but I’ve heard that is in the works for some time in the future, so that’s ok.

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Yeah, wholly agree. This issue was posted not that long ago (Waypoints In Towns.
Hopefully the Devs already have this on their list of things to do.

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Oh, sorry. New player here and still not completely aware of what has been suggested/reported before.

But I don’t think it will hurt, at the very least the devs can be made aware that more people suffer the same issue.

Absolutely no problem, and welcome to the game and community.
For future reference, you can always use the magnifying glass icon :mag: in the upper right to search for topics. :smiley:

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