Waypoint In Towns

↑Waypoint in towns should automatically unlock once you entered the area. My quest objective is already head to the Temple of Heorot but I needed to go back to town to take some stuff in my stash but to my surprise the waypoint there is still haven’t been unlocked. I noticed this before but somehow always managed my way to get close to it except this time when I needed it the most. Had to take 4 damn loading screens to go there. Though this is probably the only town where this issue could happen.


I had the same thing. This post should be in the bug reports section

I don’t mind having to go to the waypoint to activate it, almost all games I can think of work like that, often with much larger towns. That makes perfect sense.
But having recently re-started playing, one thing I noticed is that all waypoints show in blue on the minimap, even if not activated. I believe that is what might cause confusion. Using a different colour for unactivated waypoints, then turn them blue when active (like on the main map) would help avoid mistakes.

PoE doesn’t work like that. Once you reach a town, the waypoint is autoactivated. Furthermore, when you reach a new act, that waypoint is also autoactivated. It’s all the other ones as you progress through the act that you have to activate by going close.
Same thing in D2, town waypoints are autoactivated. Pretty sure Grim Dawn also did the same. In fact, I think most ARPGs do this.

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That’ll be a bug then. Unactivated waypoints shouldn’t have any blue colour in the centre on the map.

On the main map [M], it works fine. Grey, then becomes blue when activated (Fortress Gardens stays grey because I still cannot find the waypoint supposed to be there).
But on the minimap [TAB], I can see the waypoint as soon as I enter, even if I am very far from it, and it is always blue. (Why do we even see waypoints and exits before we lif the fog?)

Well, I can’t speak for the devs, but it seems to me that it’s so you know where to head. Same reason you have the objective arrows all the time. Just like in many maps you have a small portion of it already highlighted, which means that the way forward is through there. It minimizes you having to backtrack on the map. Personally, I like that system. Many people aren’t fans of doing campaign over and over for each char they want to play with, so that speeds things up a little and minimizes frustration. My 2 cents, anyway.

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