Audio Stutter: 3rd Impact

Hi, Back again with the audio stutter for 1.0. Same as last two times. Constant audio stutter while in-game but not in the main menu. I can do 1080p 60 or 640x480 15 and it changes nothing.

@vapourfire has posted a bunch of fixes both in the threads I made and others but none of them work.

Also the old tempfix from my first thread with dropping down the master sound does not do anything anymore.

Audio device or port type does not matter either. vsync both in game and nvidia control, frame caps, device drivers, sacrificial ritual, nothing.

This time its also on a clean install of windows compared to the last two times.

Again this is the only game I’ve ever had this problem with and this game is nowhere near the toughest thing I’ve thrown at this old machine. not even for unity.


Pretty sure all the old technical advice I posted years ago isnt valid anymore. The game has been overhauled in so many ways since then that I’d find it very unlikely… especially with all the changes that have come from 1.0 (which from the patch notes, included audio updates).

I have’nt been around to troubleshoot or keep up to date on technical issue/solutions (and dont plan to be) so the only thing I can suggest right now is to log a direct support request (not just a forum post) and include as much detail as you possibly can about your system, the game logs etc.

With all the server stability issues that the devs are struggling with, I obviously would’nt expect a reply immediately, but you may be lucky as I wouldnt expect the same devs to be working on client side audio issues.

I am also having the same issue.
Bought the game Thursday and downloaded it. Menus were fine but once in game sound stuttering so bad it’s unplayable.
Tried using in-game sliders for each individual type of sound. All have the same issue.
Lenovo Legion Go.

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