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Arpg games are on the rise

Hello again people.
I find myself overwhelmed with future Arpg coming out soon.

POE2 looks like my new crack in the near future
Wolcen is getting improvements just release first season
Magic legends… I love magic the gathering so a arpg based on the card game is enticing.
Torchlight 3 which i barley played beta because of LE
Oh don’t forget Diablo4

Anyone else wonders how the hell am i suppose to play all these games when my main addiction is POE… Not to mention my steam account is full of all types of games I never play lol too busy with POE and LE.

Anyone else suffers from this? So many games but you always play Arpgs. And what new Arpg you most excited for?

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I am not interested in PoE2. Not at all. I’ve never been able to finish the campaign of PoE, it was too boring for me.
Wolcen is very nice. I had almost no bug and playing this game was a pleasure. I’m probably not done with it yet.
Magic, I don’t know. So many games, so little time.
Torchlight 3, I did not like. Boring and far too MMORPG-like in its structure.
Diablo 4, interested but not hyped. I do love D3, I don’t like D1 or D2. D4 seems nice, but maybe lacks something. It will depend if it has a strong identity.
Last Epoch has this strong identity.
And you forgot Minecraft Dungeons. Very short, but quite fun! ^^

I have it on the switch “minecraft dungeons” maybe ill try committing to it lol…

It depends a lot on what you define by soon, since D4 and POE2 are probably 2022 releases , I have big expectationsd for both , I hope they deliver.

Wolcen and T3 , I played around 50 hours of each , and they are simply not in the same league as POE, D2, D3 , GD , TQ , etc. I would love if they could fix them , but they are really simply not good enough games.

I don’t know anything about Magic legends , so I’ll go and see what is it about , the more ARPG’s the merrier.

I’m playing Path of Exile right now and there just really isn’t much gameplay. The game just isn’t slow enough for you to care about what mobs are even doing. If you aren’t exploding them instantly, then you’re likely just dying.

I was hoping Path of Exile 2 would just be something new, but it looks like it’s just a coat of fresh paint on the same walls.

Magic Legends doesn’t even look like it’ll even have item drops or builds.

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Yup, I’ve got an aweful lot of games in my steam library that I’ve never even installed let alone played…

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Play and try a lot of ARPG’s and always end up in the same place, D2.

Well, I’ve got a few hundred hours in PoE, but I’m also somewhat burned out on it. The fact that it’s online only is also a major turnoff for me because I typically play exclusively single player. I can honestly say that I just find online games too toxic for the most part. Maybe that’s because MMO’s and D3 gave me a bad taste in my mouth, but I’m really just not that excited for it, despite the fact that I think that the build variety is very interesting.

D4 I honestly just don’t care about, despite the fact that D2 was THE game that got me into ARPGs. Blizzard is an empty corporate shell of what it used to be back in those days, and their monitization is just exploitative at this point. Diablo has lost the soul it had before, for me, and D3 was kind of the nail in the coffin for that.

I’ve got almost 1000 hours in GD, and I’m really just burned out on it. I’ll always have fond memories, but its also getting a bit dated. I’m actually quite gutted that they’re the makers have decided to do a city-builder as their next game. I actually bought it specifically because of TQ, because I loved TQ so much. Not enough good games out there with Greek mythology (that isn’t assassin’s creed, yuck), and I really liked it. I had GD ever since the early alpha, when lvl 20 was max lvl and only Act 1 was in the game, lol.

As for Magic Legends, their monitization, from everything I’ve seen, is downright brutal and its going to be a pay to win type game. They’re literally monitizing everything they imaginably could. This is something that PoE does a lot better, where its entirely cosmetic, but having to buy skill packs and such, just straight up “no” for me.

These days I’m largely focused on single player games, and honestly other than LE there’s not THAT much that has me really excited. Outriders looks interesting from a loot and build perspective, but the fact that it’s multiplayer is a real turnoff for me. The game I’m looking forward to the most is TW: Warhammer III. I have well over 1300 hours in WH2, so that is a game I play a lot.

Edit: Oh, on the note of Wolcen, I had that since beta/early access too. I was hugely disappointed by it, honestly. It was so buggy on release, even though I play purely single player, the fact that half the nodes in the skill tree were either bugged or not working was just inexcusable. I haven’t really played it since about 3 weeks after release, honestly, and don’t particularly intend to go back to it. All the news and updates from ARPG News (youtube channel) pretty much sums it up… game’s still a buggy mess and they just can’t seem to get it right, so I’ve largely lost faith in the dev.

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POE has just become a cluttered mess for me. I’ve logged a little over 12k hours on the game at this point and I couldn’t bring myself to play more than an hour of the latest league before giving up. It’s felt like the ever-expanding bloat has just become a way to pad things over until the release of POE2 but it’s left the game such an unfocused mess that I don’t even know where to begin any more. Note - that’s just my opinion. I know there’s tens of thousands of other gamers who absolutely love the game.

Like Shtrak, I found Wolcen to be fine and didn’t encounter any of the game-breaking bugs others had to deal with. That being said, there just wasn’t enough meat at release to keep me playing for very long, particularly at end-game. I was one of the Kickstarter backers so I was a little disappointed by the way things ended up and the big detour from where they’d originally started.

D2 remains my favourite ARPG of all time. I lost entire years to that game. D3 was a real let-down by comparison and I was never able to really invest time into it. I’m open to seeing what D4 has to offer though.

Right now, LE is ticking all the right boxes for me. There’s still a lot to be done but the devs have been good about communicating with the player-base and there’s been a clear path and consistent improvement so I’m hopeful that this is where I’ll be sticking for the foreseeable future.

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I wish this Diablo 2 Remake was just being remade on a newer engine like the D3 engine. That would be the dream.

Im pretty sure they will make a lot of bad decisions in d4, like they did in d3 =/

After Wolcen and TL3 (and most likely magic in the future [playtesting this one hurt… a lot]) we are in a time where ARPG games show how to fail. I hope the curse will be broken in the near future.

Lol these responses in this thread!
Name a more iconic duo:
Last Epoch & Dislike against PoE

PoE2 looks dank as hell though.
I think ARPGs are so successful because of their psychological cocktail which they shove down their players throat - there’s simply so much you can do to create a perception of reward and progress.

Another more iconic duo to name:
(A)RPGs & gaming addiction

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I’m mostly just waiting on Last Epoch until multiplayer comes out. After that I’ll probably be recommending Last Epoch to all my friends so we can play online. I’m actually rather interested in the upcoming game Lost Ark. Its currently only available in japan, korea, and russia, but it looks like it might be pretty neat. I’m also tentatively excited for Diablo 4, but if they end up not having skill trees again I probably won’t buy it.

I liked Path of Exile but stopping playing because of the difficulty. My character would just randomly die out of nowhere from a 1-shot and I would have no idea what happened. Even when I would spec fully into tank. It kind of seemed like the game wasn’t beatable unless you played with friends, were some kind ARPG expert with hundreds of hours into builds, or you looked up a guide online (I actually did this last one and I still couldn’t beat it).

Well Amazon got the publishing rights in the west for Lost Ark. I think I can kill some time with this. Fractured might or might not be good and is upcoming. LE and PoE2 will 100% be intresting as well as D4.
So far there are some pretty good titles in the future but right now the market is pretty dead.

There are some new ARPGs but as @Macknum mentioned, many of them show how NOT to do it. I’m not talking about the established games like D3 or PoE. They both have their player base and make a lot of people happy.

But Wolcen and Torchlight 3 are both underwhelming. They lack content and depth. It will need a lot if patches to bring these games to a level where they can be more than a very short quickie inbetween.

Magic has announced a horrible monetization model so I won’t ever get that game.

PoE cannot catch me in it’s current state. It’s just too much work to get behind its mechanics. So I’m looking for the fresh approach with PoE2. D4 is defenitely something I will try, too.

Let’s see what Lost Ark can add. And there are always rumours about Linage being released… someday.

I also like shooters, had a lot of hours in Warframe. Since the Anthem flop I’m waiting for a successor. Maybe Outriders?


I’m tempted by Outriders too… my one gripe being that I don’t like multiplayer games (yes, I’m a hermit, and vastly prefer single player… too many bad experiences with very toxic people and too much drama).

Mostly holding my breath for TW:Warhammer 3 :smiley:

Just play alone then. It’s an valid option in outriders :D. I already canceled everything starting from the 25th to nolife the outriders demo for 2 or three days.

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Hopefully EA won’t can Anthem 2.0 and it will actually be good (though I did play through some Anthem a few months ago with my friends and enjoyed it).

Yeah bought anthem for 5 bucks and it was pretty funny. There have been some info bits about anthem 2.0 and what they did so far and it looks promising. Sadly it’s EA and the remaining staff already said they need at least 90 people to make things happen. To me this sounds like a RIP Anthem.
On the other hand I hope Ember will be in a more playable state in the near future but I think we’ll see LE before it… I just want to scratch my firefall itch :D.