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Arena Bug since patch

Enemies stops coming randomly (sometimes after wave 2 or sometimes at wave 15 etc) and you have to get into a teleporter and then back again. Ofc the waves is lost by then.

Thanks for the report!

Just to clarify - by “since patch” do you mean today’s Patch

Yes srry, forgot to clarify that. Since Patch correct.


Was just hoping you’d say something else. Thanks for confirming - we’re investigating. :slight_smile:

Hehe no, worked perfectly fine before this new patch. Yes thank you!

Also, it happens very frequently as well. Just not sometimes here and there!

We’ve identified an issue and are currently working on a solution.

We plan on sneaking this bug fix out separately rather than waiting for the next patch.

Well done :slight_smile: Detected very fast. Sounds terrific if you could do that

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Alright, so slight change of plans - however Patch is coming this evening.

Marking thread as solved as this issue was fixed in last night’s patch.

Running the Launcher should result in it finding Patch 0.6.3 and downloading it.

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