Are you sure you're ready for the 1.0 release?


your game still has so many bugs, performance issues and incredibly long loading times that I feel like the launch of Version 1.0 is at least a year too early.
A few minutes ago, after choosing my mastery, I wanted to go to the next zone. First a loading time of good 45 seconds and then I’m standing in the area and can’t do anything. No Skill works and there isn’t a single enemy in the entire area. And when I want to go to the next section, I always get the error message that I have lost the connection to the game server. And that for more than an hour of trying.

So after more than five years of development, this is probably a bad joke. What will then happen on Wednesday… a start like Wolcen did back then? Brilliant prospects, I must say.

Sorry for the bad English, but I had to use Babelfish.


The patch we are playing is 1 year old, so lets wait and see how much have changed in the patch notes tmrw.


As DJ mentioned its clear that they diverged branches a long time ago from the one running on steam in favor of working on the 1.0 drop.


They aren’t ready, the game is a buggy mess, especially multiplayer, with an unfinished end game worse than D4(Which got annihilated for having a terrible end game) and zero difficulty campaign and completely imbalanced classes/skills…
They are rushing the game out for revenue, it’s simple as that

I can’t wait to play on a untested big-ridden mess!

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No one knows what 1.0 will bring yet. Maybe you’re right, maybe you aren’t. No one knows which bugs are going to be fixed, what kind of balancing changes they’ve made, how much playtesting was done or how much their netcode/servers improved for launch.
Spreading negative energy even though the release is so close doesn’t help anyone. In case you’re right we can complain after launch.

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This game has been the most not-revenue-optimized ARPG out there since Grim Dawn. It’s been many many years in the making and started with the CEO asking for artists on reddit, it is as homegrown as it gets. You’re either ignorant of its history or you’re willfully dishonest.

You’re just stating opinion as fact here.

There are criticisms to LE’s endgame, but those criticisms are in comparison to POE, the existing endgame is already much better than diablo 4.

That said the game won’t be for everyone, maybe it isn’t for you.


I never heard someone else saying something like that. Seems like you are pretty lonely with that opinion

Funny talking in absolutels like that. Because you truth is the only truth right?

It is even more hilarious considering the game was supposed to releasing back in 2020 and they pushed back the game multiple times.

I don’t know why you say everywhere that EHG does not test things. It is objectively not true. They have a internal QA department and a community testing program.

Is the game bug free? Hell no? But the quality of the patches ever since the 0.7.x patch period increased significantly.

Surely the 0.9.0 MP patch brought in a whole new nubmer of bugs and EHG is aware of that.

There will always be bugs, like in every game. But still the overall quality and polish of the game steadily increased.


Alot of content creators and invited people have been playing 1.0 for months, they just cant say anything about it. If you use YT, you should’ve been able to see podcasts and small glanses at 1.0 from some of these.

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I think the game is ready and I’m excited to get back into it took a break until 1.0. My only worry is if the servers are ready. I think there’s going to be A LOT of people playing, maybe more than expected.

The game is not ready they advertise it as finished by leaving early access but conveniently fail to mention anywhere that the game will release with only 9 out of the 12 story chapters, I can’t believe the utter disrespect of these developers at the very least have the common decency to not lie to your consumers! I will be requesting a refund on release but even if Steam doesn’t refund me I will refuse to play this game by principles alone, I’m not going to have someone lie to my face and take it with a smile!!!

Driver: You not caring about the story is irrelevant, you do not speak for me so please do not act if you do, for me and many other players a story is an important part of a game, if it wasn’t then there wouldn’t be a reason to include one in the first place so let’s not play pretend and ignore reality.

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Discolnferno - you do not have any insight how EHG runs - releasing 9 of 12 chapters is not an indicator to base your declaration on. I work in this industry and can say this game is very ready for release.

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Good for you, you do not speak for me and many gamers that will be displeased when they realise that the game will come out of early access on February 21st with an UNFINISHED campaign, by coming out of early access you are essentially declaring your game to be releasing in a finished state which it absolutely is NOT when it hasn’t even got the campaign completed for goodness sakes! The worst part is not the fact that the campaign is unfinished but rather the developers omitting this information from their store page entirely.

I also noticed that every reviewer seemingly doesn’t mention this glaring problem and I would suspect they are under a very strict NDA to not disclose such information, more fuel to add to the fire of this disastrous situation.

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Who cares about the campaign… lol. Most people want to skip through that as fast as possible anyway. So it being shorter by missing chapters is a good thing to me.

I just worry about the servers holding up. In it’s current form the game has already given me almost 200 hours of enjoyment. That’s a lot more than D4 gave me.


The game has Hardcore, the campaign matters. Everytime you die, you have to replay it.
Also what are you skipping to? The extremely repetitive monoliths? There’s no end game.
“I want to skip the entire game to do 1/100th of the games content”.
You are aware the campaign IS the game, right? it’s the meat of the game, it’s the majority of the content in the game. It’s what they’ve spent all this time making.

This mindset is why every online game released has been trash for over a decade.

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No, the majority of the game is killing things for loot. Loot matters most at the end game, not during the campaign. Please get a clue.



Offline mode will suffice while they fix them.

No where close, i have 2 years of information to catch up on as a content crewfor by feb 21. I got to edit and record first impressions and make thumbnails after sprintinf the entire campaign in 2 days and nearly loosinf my sanity. Fairlt sure i set an unoffical speed run for new player

Then comes launch, and i got to do kr all again from scratch, make guides, and make that all while streaming.

TlDR: hella na

What are you even saying?

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If you are planning to be a content creator, you gotta stop smoking all that weed!