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Ardent Creator Supporter Pack - Availability Update

Greetings Travelers,

After much internal discussion we have decided to take down the Ardent Creator Supporter Pack for the foreseeable future.

While we greatly appreciate your support, we have a healthy list of Creators whom we’re excited to work with and want to finish all their uniques before taking on more. This will allow our developers and artists to focus on game systems and development.

The Ardent Creator supporter pack will be available until April 23rd, 2021 after which it will be removed. We hope to bring this pack back online in the future and will keep you updated going forward. Thank you again for your continued support and growing with us!


:scream: it’s too popular??


Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it will come back down the road,
I would also like to see the $10k create a boss to come back at some point.

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I am actually shocked by this.

I already made plans for buying more of those and supporting you guys further.

I really do hope, that something similar returns as a possibility.
(Maybe when you have more staff, dunno).

I also think this should be official news.
If Jerle would not have mentioned it to me, i would not have noticed it.

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I too, want to buy more in the future. the creator market is booming for business, what a time to be alive!

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I would just increase the prize of it if demand is high :smiley: although I understand the problem of course. As long as EHG stays healthy moneywise it should be fine.

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It is in announcements. It’s also not going to affect 99.9% of the community.

I still think that some who is toying with the idea of getting one might be very disappointed if they didn’t catch the announcement.

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I was trying to negociate this with my wife. When I told her it would disappear, she said “case closed, then”. :cry: :cry: :cry:


Sounds like a sensible woman.

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I would prefer “is”. :crazy_face:

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Making announcements or informations only partly visible has nothing to do with “holding hands”.

I am super active in the forums and still missed the announcement.
Probably I would have discovered this by my self when it’s already to late.

I just think that this announcement could impact some people very much.
Even though the people that might be affected a a very low percentage of the community.

What an evil house dragon you have :imp:

She’s trying to oppress all the fun you could have :smiley:

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I just read your response for her, she laughed and confirmed. ^^


You don’t have to explain to me how the forum works :stuck_out_tongue:

I still overlooked the post and that’s why I was so shocked.
I could have completely missed it.

I don’t know on what platforms this announcement was made.
But for people that maybe check the forums once a week it’s even more easy to miss stuff like that.

You guys still have plenty of time to buy a bunch of creator packs. There are still some days left.

There may be more shocking things than the removal of a 1k support package.

If you guys wanna support the game I’d suggest you buy some Ardent Gladiator keys and gift them to those guys that only can afford LE when it goes on sale.

Or make giveaways on your or other content creators streams.

For 1k you could make roughly 300 people very happy and have a very high impact on player numbers :wink:

Just saying.


I was just a little shocked at how many people paid that much money to a game. I don’t care that you get to create something for the game. That money could be invested for retirement, or put to helping people. It just made me feel a bit disappointed.

I don’t fault people for spending some money on hobbies. It just seems like most hobbies that require money into the thousands have a good chance at making profit.

Yeah. But you could say this to 70% of people in the first world.

We could all just gift all the money we don’t need for a living to poor people or humanitarian organisations.

Also you don’t know how much money these people already have gifted.

Somebody saves his money to buy a car. He already has saved 10k $. He could save 1k more to buy the car he wants. He could save 1k more, buy a car and an Ardent creator pack. He could buy a car for 10k and gift 1k to poor people.

Why should he not buy a car for 5k$ and gift 5k to poor people and buy an AC pack.

Best would be he would use the bus and gift 11k to poor people.

Unless you don’t gift all your surplus money to poor people, I think you’re not in a position to expect this from others.


Gaming is not my “first hobby”, music is.

Usually I do spend alot of money for festivals, gigs and gear.
But alot of that is no longer possible since C-19.
I do still support alot of artists as much as I can, via mech and virtual stuff they make.

But basically there is alot less money for me to spend on my “first hobby”, so I decided to put it into my “second hobby”.

And for me personally there is no better way to engrave yourself into a game than designing an item.
While also supporting the project.

And LE really is a project, we’re I think EHG’s vision seems very close to how I imagine an aRPG.

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