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Anyone help me?about the beta play

I haven’t received any email about the download, and I have paid $50 for the support package. How can I download the client, please officially solve it.

If you do not receive the email, can you download it from the My Account page?

Can’t remember if they have send me a download link, I just downloaded it from the My Account page as Catmeow already mentioned. Should be there, if not I’m sure that Sarno or someone else will come to the rescue.

Thank you for your reply. I am very interested in your game. I hope someone can solve it as soon as possible.

Beta will not be playable until April 30, 2019
Or are you talking about Alpha?

I’ve bought a $50 supporter package.can nor download,is it normal?

@arthurme1024 It looks like payment not been processed yet for you since your missing the forum badge.

In any case go to My account and you can see order process and download the game via the dashboard.

Any other problems you to talk to the staff.

Hi @arthurme1024,

If you e-mail us at we can discuss this with you. :slight_smile:

Moving thread to Customer Service.

The payment process has been completed and you can download the game from here. :slight_smile:

thank you

Happy to let you know that the payment completed, but I can’t claim any credit for the issue being resolved. PayPal delayed the payment, and they then completed it.

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