Any recommended driver version?

I wondered if theres any nvidia recommended graphic version the game has preference? For example in Path of Exile a lot of new drivers from version 400+ are having bad performance and crashes with the game, im using 395.35 cause it works the best and smoothest in PoE, i just wondered if theres anything similar with Last Epoch


There aren’t any specific driver versions we recommend at the present time - though that said, I would advise that people avoid 442.74. Anyone using that driver version would probably benefit substantially from upgrading to 445.75 as performance seems better across the board.

Generally we would advise that ‘using the latest version is good’. That said, I don’t think any member of our team would deal with the hassle of changing driver versions for different games, so if you have a good reason for sticking (hopefully temporarily) with a specific driver, that’s totally fine. We’d never ask people to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves.

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