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Any advice on visibility during melee?

I have a hard (almost impossible) task of seeing where my character is onscreen or who I’m attacking. The only thing I can look at is the red monster bar at the top of the screen, well away from where everything else important is happening.

I’ve tried all the graphics settings but none of them appear to make a difference to reduce everything onscreen that blocks my vision.

Turning of damage helped a tiny bit but combat immediately felt very insubstantial and now I had nothing at all in the centre of the screen where the action was, the sole combat information I could receive was the red monster bar, for one monster at a time.

Are there any .ini or in fact anything do to make it possible to follow the combat? I really have no issue with my ranged builds, its just melee.


Nope… nothing that I know of can help with this right now…

If I recall this has been a requested feature many times… The suggestions have ranged from adding some sort of outline feature on characters to allowing users to disable / reduce skill visual effects in settings to having more visual hints that you are standing in a ground effect (e.g. flashing your health globe)

So, nope… you just have to pray your dude is ok in the middle of the mess… :wink:

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