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An Update to Last Epoch’s Launch Window

Hello Travelers!

Less than two years ago, we launched a successful Kickstarter with the ambition to create the next great action RPG with a team born through a mutual love for the genre. Since then, our player base has grown an incredible amount, and so has our team and experience. This has been extremely invigorating, a bit scary - and most of all, humbling.

We’ve worked diligently from the launch of our Kickstarter to consistently release high quality, content-rich patches, wholly embracing community feedback along the way. With your support, we have replaced the Passive Grid with a more intuitive and rewarding system, replaced an underwhelming mastery class with one that was thematically more distinct from its base class, overhauled the UI to something darker and grittier, modernized our graphics, and recently reworked mastery classes to make choosing one more impactful. Player feedback has been and will continue to be at the heart of Last Epoch’s development and we strongly believe these changes have been worth the time investment.

With that said, we have decided to move the launch window of Last Epoch to Q4 2020. We know this might be disappointing, however, this will not change the steady pace at which we continue to release large content patches and improvements throughout the Beta. We will use this extra time to ensure that we arrive at 1.0 at the highest possible quality while having adequate time to continue acting on your feedback. This will be even more important as we move towards significant milestones in the next year, such as the continued development of the Rogue class, end game systems, itemization updates, the rollout of multiplayer, and performance improvements.

Supporters who have pre-purchased the release version will still be receiving access to the game in April. We’ll have an exact date to share with you closer to the time. This purchasing option will no longer be available as of Jan 1, 2020.

We are hard at work to bring out the next content patch before the holiday season, 0.7.5, which will introduce the next chapter of Eterra. This will be the first time since the beginning of the game that you will be taken back to the Divine Era, but this time you’ll be dropped into the middle of a conflict between gods. You’ll contend with Rahyeh’s armies, explore the mysteries of icy Heoborea, and unveil the secrets of its god Heorot. 0.7.5 will also feature a completely overhauled inventory system, bringing quality-of-life improvements and squashing some of those pesky long-standing bugs, introduce item gambling, bring new skills like Earthquake and Sigils of Hope, more performance improvements, staves, offhand items, and more. You can expect this patch early next week.

From the entire team at Eleventh Hour Games, we hope that you have a great holiday season, spend time with your friends and family and maybe squeeze a little Epoch in when everyone is asleep. Thank you all for being with us on this journey.

Judd Cobler
Game Director, Last Epoch


This is a pure positive: I had legitimately been worried for some time now that the game would either launch in an incomplete state or get pushed out the door to meet an arbitrary deadline. I’m so glad to see you’ve decided to take your time with it, and I hope others are too.


awesome! great update, looking forward to next year <3 you all


i think this is the right decision. Happy with the steady pace of updates too, keep up the great work!


Well i can easily wait a little longer ( even if no rogue yet T_T) ^^ because it’s one of the best beta game i have played so far and this 0.75 seem juicy too :slight_smile: Viva offhand!


Perfectly fine with this since it means an even more polished game on release.


It was expected and I am happy that you took this decision. I was a bit scared to have the game released in April it was too soon to fully release everything you planned. Keep the good work EHG ! :slight_smile:


That is the correct decision, thank you for always get in touch with the community


Good to hear. Always rather have a completed and fully operational game than a quick release with no content.


Later release date = way more content given how effectively the devs are working

This is a positive to me, and as some others had said, the April planned release was worrying me as well. Now I know you guys have the time to make a fully fledged and amazing product!


The right decisions sometimes are that hard ones! I love the game, I dont regret any of 35 bucks that I spend on Last Epoch so far, so many work to do still, I have only 4 mastery classes so 11 more :smiley: That Lich Aura of Decay gameplay looks lovely and will be next <3

EDIT: Im sure that delay is because Karv: “guys, lets make this game more complicated, people love this!” :smiley:


I think this is a solid plan and wise move. You have one of the strongest and positive communities out there; we definitely understand this decision. While I would love to see Last Epoch released sooner than later :wink: I would MUCH rather it launch as close to your vision as possible.

Great work all and remember to take some time off this Holiday season :christmas_tree:


Completely agree with this decision. Im so happy you guys are taking your time to polish things out


Decision knew, I just want LE makes it the best RPG I ever think it is! and you boys, and please rest with your families and friends! until we are characters of this simulated planet too! hugs


Not surprised. Didn’t see you meeting the April date with the current pace I hope this doesn’t put you competing with PoE 2.0 as that would not be good at all. Love the game but going against that would be crazy.

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Completely agree . I think a lot of us forget you guys aren’t a AAA company with millions to spend and that really is a huge compliment to you that we think think that . You are an indie developer and one with a real shot at shipping an actual rpg title!! I am so impressed and inspired by the work you do.


You are doing a great job guys! I will support you as much as i can. Much respect!


An emphatic “Y E S ! ! !”


PoE 2.0 will take a lot longer to complete than Q4 2020


I like this delay. A Q2 2020 launch felt weird when I talked about it to other people, so I’m happy to hear you’re delaying.

If it needs to be delayed again I wouldn’t be angry about it either. You’re the antithesis to another cursed Early Access ARPG that shall not be named.