An auto-pickup Blessing

This solves the problem of having to stop and pick up all the shards. While at the same time, allowing new players to get the shard drops at the beginning of the game so they can learn about them. They are exciting at the beginning and a hassle at the end.
There are many blessings that give you drop rate x for example. It doesn’t affect your build. This could be used in a slot like that =)

Would rather not have to choose between drop rate blessings and QoL blessings. Infact, don’t want any QoL systems in blessings at all. And if put in blessings, how would new players get the blessing that is in the endgame?


The same way that everybody else does? If it’s a blessing (& I’m not saying it’s a good idea), then anyone who wanted it would have to farm for it.

Was taking new player as literal first time thru. They still have to pickup shards thru the story anyways. Then if they even know it exists in blessing form in the first place to get it, its still gotta be farmed. By that time, you already have pleanty of shards thru the story

Yeah, this logic makes sense. But your idea will only get negative walls as anything QoL is shit on pretty quickly. More coming, Im sure! Count: 4

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Clicking on one shard already vacuums up all shards in your vicinity. This is a solution without a problem.

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It’s a problem for my particular build. I have about a 10 second massive power boost then a few seconds where I have to power it back up. Over and over. At my level (90) shards drop everywhere. I lose 50% of my up time trying to pick up shards. I stopped picking them up completely and just break down the items I need to get shards now.

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If you have downtimes to prep your burst window that’s the time to click on stuff on the floor :D.

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That’s a problem with your build, and a self created one at that.

This is apparently a contentious topic, so I support adding an interface option to auto pick up shards, under a “usability/accessibility” group perhaps.
This way, those who enjoy clicking shards to pick them up may continue to enjoy doing so, and those who do not can achieve the exact same gameplay effect with fewer mouse clicks.

Bonus points because those with different preferences won’t have to argue with each other to play the game they want to play.

Its not really contentious… Its just how the devs have implemented it and their view on differentiating shard drops from stuff like gold that can just be hoovered up. There are shard drops that are very rare and valuable so I can sort of understand where they are coming from… The devs have discussed this many times over the years here and on discord so its really in their court as to what they want to do.

But yes, like quite a few things in the game, a customisable preference in the settings would resolve this and is unlikely to affect play in any overtly negative way (at least not that I can tell).

Well yes, if there’s ever a difference of opinion between how the devs want their game to look & feel & how players want it to there should always be a customisable option. What could possibly go wrong?


Generally I am with you on that but in this specific instance I cant see it hurting - at least not in the current game - if the devs have some fancy thing planned that hoovering up shards would mess up, then ok…

After playing for so long this is one of the things that eventually I no longer care about… While I was very interested in the shards when they dropped the first few thousand times, I never look at the shards anymore, I just click and move on so - I dont even look at them in my inventory anymore, I just transfer them to the forge… If something did this automatically for me I would probably enjoy it… purely because I never look at shards anyway…

It’s a slippery slope though, people will always push the boundaries, it’s what we’re biologically programmed to do.

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While the idea of a blessing that does this is somewhat new (or at least can’t remember some1 bringing up that suggestions before), I still haven’t heard any new argument compared to the dozen of already closed topics with hundreds and hundreds of combined posts.

My main concern always has been the nature of “where do you draw the line”, if some kind of auto pick up will be allowed, the next request will be about the next thing that someone wants to have more automated.

We didn’t had the shard vaccum for a long time and it was implemented, because of feedback.
But this needs to stop somewhere, and that is here and now.

Otherwise we will see requests for loot filter rules auto looting items very soon.


Since the vacuum effect is in place this isn’t an issue anymore. I think most people who played without the vaccum effect years ago will say “Everything is fine!” and people who never encountered the old pick up one by one system will alywas say “Need more!”.

To make it short… picking up crafting shards already evolved a lot and is in a good spot from my point of view.


Can we have a blessings, that automatically moves the character towards the active quests? And another blessing that casts skills automatically? Those who enjoy clicking, could just avoid it. All others could enjoy leveling while they also can do other things. Like playing PoE on a second screen.




Now that’s just going too far.

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I think, at least the way these devs seem to think thoroughly about these changes, each and every change to fundamental systems (like looting controls) would be carefully considered.

So a shard vacuum option implemented today wouldn’t guarantee some other change down the line. Auto looting items would be a different discussion and the merits and costs of that change will be different to that of crafting shards.

I disagree wit hthat.

Because it is more about the community and not the devs.

If the community always gets what they want they will push the bóundaries in every aspect.
And just listening to the community is not always in the best interest of the game as a whole.

Also I still think “the next step” after any kind if auto-loot woudl be implemented will be focsued on gear, so even if these 2 things right now are no in the same ballpark, it will be very likely the “next thing” the community wants.