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AMD graphics, why is LE frame rate so slow?

I have 5900HX with Raedeon and even at 1080p I get 8 fps, in ANY other game (at 2k) I get 60+.
I had the SAME exact issue with both Linux and Windows client (across 3 different AMD DGPU machines) so it’s got to be something with AMD. nVidia 3060 / 1080 > zero issues. Can you throw me a bone or checkout what’s going on specific to AMD? Yes I am on latest drivers.

That’s onboard GPU isn’t it? Not an actual video card?

Sure but I’m getting 60 plus in literally every other game why would Le run at 8?

Did a quick check and from what I can tell, its a Vega 8 4000 series iGPU in that 5900HX…

See: UserBenchmark: AMD RX Vega 8 4000 (iGPU) vs Nvidia GTX 1060-3GB

for a comparison between it and and a 1060… i.e. its about between 200-300% slower for gaming… which should mean single digit framerates compared to ~60fps at very low settings in LE.

Even if it were a Vega 8 5000 iGPU version, its still closer to 200% slower than a 1060…

As to why you are getting different figures in other games… Well, that could depend on a multitude of things… You dont say what games/settings etc. The CPU component of that chip is very good, so you may get decent performance with a CPU bound game vs a GPU one… You may get decent 2d performance compared to 3d… The game engine or graphics api used by the particular game may not support the iGPU - e.g. hardware accelleration might not work… How much memory is shared, what power restrictions are in place, cooling, clock speeds will all make a difference too… Fullscreen/Windowed modes… Lots of different reasons.

Doing some research online, I see that the general performance of that iGPU is less than 30fps at 1080p Medium settings in AAA type games like RDR2, Farcry, CoD, Battlefield 5 etc… There is an EXPONENTIAL drop off in framerate for the same games if you increase the resolution to 1440p or above with the benchmarks I see online showing single digits or the games simply not being able to play at all… This seems to be confirmed no matter what review website I visit… they all confirm similar performance.

You cannot really compare integrated GPUs to discreet GPUs … They are REALLY slow in comparison… even to discreet GPUs that are 5 years older…

I can play Poe at 45 FPS at 2K on this GPU it’s not the GPU

Not that I dont trust you but I find that astonishing… Everything I have read online about that particular iGPU says it shouldnt be able to do anything at 2k resolution - 2d / video yes. 3d no.

PoE is pretty old now, so 1) perhaps it uses older graphic apis/calls that the iGPU can handle, 2) assuming very low quality and 3) perhaps PoE is optimised enough to allow slower GPUs to work…

from my own experience with iGPUs, they are absolute crap for anything other than office work and playing 1080p video/2d animation… Anything more taxing and its like watching stop motion…

The minimum required for LE is a 660 ti which is still roughly double the speed of what the Vega 8 igpu is capable of…

DOOM runs even higher, 40 at 2k

LE runs like crap on ANY AMD, for giggles, I’ll reinstall on my rx570 and 580 machines

Well… LE is unoptimised so it runs relatively crappily on everything right now unless you chose the absolute lowest options - no argument there… Maybe thats as simple as the answer needs to be?

In my opinion, if EHG can improve LE performance to where I can play on my 1060 at medium/high 1080p at 60fps (from now at very low), then I would guess that this should be sufficient enough improvement to bring the iGPU up to the mid 20s maybe 30 fps levels on very low… would make sense to me…

Assuming of course that Unity 2019.4 LTS can actually be optimised to that level… I dont know anything about Unity optimisation other than its somewhat checkered past of showing poor performance at times…

DOOM Eternal? Older DOOM, sure - that can run on a potato… You should go look at the various iGPU performance reviews and see what criteria they are using to see what kind of a baseline is involved in the comparison.

POE has enabled by default Dynamic Resolution so you can get better FPS. I have RX 6800 with 4K monitor and I have 40-60 FPS in LE which is not bad for beta game.

I just did quick test:
POE in hideout (low settings except high texture and AF without Dynamic Resolution): 60 FPS
POE in hideout (high setting witouh DoF) without framelimit in drivers: 130 FPS
LE in End of time (high preset): 50 FPS

You aren’t going to get 60 FPS in any good game. I can guarantee you that. You can’t just compare games straight across for performance, that’s not how it works. Onboard GPU isn’t going to handle any good games.

Dynamic Resolution… Hmm… didnt know PoE used that (but then again I havent played it in years)…

Must admit, I am worried that LE uses the older version of Unity that doesnt and will not support all the new features that could potentially improve performance - things like DLSS, FidelityFX etc… the longer the game takes to be released the further behind the 2019.4 LTS version gets in terms of its features… even just plain performance improvements in the Unity engine itself…

but the devs estimated that it would take at least an additional year to transfer to the newer Unity… and I dont think anyone wants to wait that long…

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well that’s just not accurate at all, LE sucks on AMD, PoE, D3, everything else is fine