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Ambitious community proposal

Hello everyone, I would like to launch a proposal to the whole community.

So everyone is probably starting to know me, I am not always a Frenchman who is not always good at communication, so forgive my dubious English, and my sometimes dubious affirmations.

So today as an LE player I have a real problem and I don’t think I’m the only one. I do not understand little by little by making too many mistakes too many mistakes. I waste a lot of time constantly recreating new characters, because I am a perfectionist and I like things well done. Often times I realize my mistakes far too late, and switching would be very long and resource intensive, so starting over is faster.

I know that many will tell me that this is how we learn. But I don’t like this method, I waste a lot of time undoing and redoing.

So I’m really fed up with getting stuck on how my character is oriented, what stats matter. What statistic to put on my weapon, what is the “meta” because in the line of nerves or buffs of certain statistic, the priorities will no longer be the same. Is that I have to max my stamina, my armor, my resistances, my dodge. Do a little of everything, or put everything on a statistic.

In short, you will have understood.

Today I made a mistake, while I am on this forum someone knows perfectly well that it is bullshit to make this choice.

There are sources on the right to left through this forum but it is too much trouble to find precise information. We are not going to ask a billion questions every 10 seconds to ask what you think is best between X and Y.

I also think that in each language to speak on this forum an incomplete “guide exists”, not always precise not necessarily out of date or there is too much information missing to say that it is really a guide.

I therefore suggest to the whole community to collect this knowledge, and to make a real ultra complete guide, which can be updated. We can then translate it into all the languages ​​we speak to facilitate the lives of our different fellow citizens. You would need to have a website or something like that to host the guide, and that it could be updated.

I know it’s very ambitious, that a few people will undoubtedly want to launch this into such a crazy project. But hey, why not.

After all I’m not good at much, not at communication, not at playing, not at English, and not at coding or layout.
So the only thing I can do is try to bring together real pationés and people who are good in their fields to finally create a real guide who will answer all the questions.

So good if some want to tell me that I’m stuck, please yourself, I already know anyway. But hey it is boring to never understand how this calculates this or that, what the resistance is really for, knowing if it is better% damage on its weapon or damage flate (spoil the damage flate is cracked) In short. … Notice to the amateur, I sincerely hope that something will be voluntary.

If this project also sees the light of day, it would be great if the devs could help. Not at the creation or anything else they have more than enough work, but simply explained some calculates or other mechanics, that we can correctly explain it and that we do not stay too much on "we think … “but rather on” we know that … "

have you seen this: Community Game Guide - General - Last Epoch Forums?
Is that what you are looking for or did you want more of a guide than a wiki?

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So, I don’t know this guide at all. So I would say that it should be put forward a lot more already. Afterwards, is it complete I don’t know, I haven’t read it, I’m going to do it now. But clearly, I doubt there can be any news given the abysmal number of statistics that do “the same thing.” It’s a way of speaking. What I mean is that a lot of stats can improve your character, but which one will have the most value, it is often very, very unclear. Explain that this does that it is a good start. But above all, it should be explained that the statistic is better overall. Explaining to me how resistance works is good, explaining to me how endurance works is cool. Now if I have to choose which one, I never see a guide answering his.

For me, a good guide is above all its, not just explaining what makes a statistic. Today whether we like it or not, I think all the statistics are not worth it.

those things will always depend on what you have access to. There is an Ehp calculator Last Epoch Info. I think its best to just have those kinds of discussions in discord or the in game chat.

If you want a rule of thumb (heuristic), i guess thats possible but not fool proof, nor future proof.
PS im trying to use word and phrase that work well in translation. Feel free to ask if something gets lost in translation.

So I hovered over the guide, and that’s what I thought. Excellent for beginners and explain what a statistic does, but nothing says, today in patch X, increasing such statistic is overall more profitable than if it is.

Example today I pence that investing in armor is less profitable than in endurance or resistances.

I also think that on a weapon, flat damage will mostly be more profitable than X% damage X.

And its no guide does, and it’s that kind of guide that would be very helpful too.

Of course, this changes with each patch.

Obviously there will always be the exception, the build on this generally lower statistic will still have more value. But we are not making a guide on exeptions. This one could also very well be explained by the practitioners of these builds, explain why in this particular case such statistic has more value whereas normally it is considered as less efficient.

In addition I also think that some things are quite obscure and poorly explained. And that some are counterintuitive and that it would be good to be clear on the subject.

Not sure how to calculate critical%. I have a 20% chance of criticism I add 20%, in my logic I should fall on 20 x 20/100 = X
Then X +20. Outside it doesn’t work like that. the multiplicative are based on the critical% base. Not on the whole critical chance. This is why the +5 flat on the weapons increases the critical chance enormously, because you have 5% of base you add +5, but not only all the multiplicatives no longer base on 5% but 10% and that changes everything.

Here is an example of a weird thing not to explain very clearly.

Or worse the resistances. Me that I think resistance I say to myself that it protects me, except in this game it is not really the case. Clearly you start with a -75% penalty that you have to fill because the max level monsters have 75% penetration … It’s completely ridiculous I think. Its completely induces beginners because it is not supposed to function like its in logic.

So once again in the guide it is very lightly explained, but not enough … Which explains why resistances are essential statistics. This is not an option in a build for build HL without being at most close to 75 in all resistances. Otherwise you’re going to get cut out.