Alternate leveling path


I would suggest to enhance the alternate leveling path. I love to try out new classes but I absolutely HATE to go through the campaign and early levels. I leveled the last 3 or 4 characters with the alternate leveling path and it is a good idea but far beyond a good system:

  • It is absolutely not clear
  • You have to go back and forth to collect all the missing quests (idols and passive points)
  • This path saves little to no time due to the quests you still have to do (previous point)
  • The order and placement of dungeons, side quests and main quest progression makes absolutely no sense and is heavily confusing
  • The level jump from lightless arbor to soulfire bastion is insane

I have 3 approaches to this system:

  1. Give us all quest rewards of the skipped chapters upon finishing the dungeon and close all old quests and add a dungeon to fill the gap between first and second dungeon. Also make the paths from one dungeon to the next shorter and clearer, for example by unlocking the waypoints
  2. Give us a monolith of fate that scales with current player level +5 (or +10) but only until level 50 that rewards passive points and idol slots
  3. Get rid of this leveling path and give us coins/tokens from empowered monolith bosses that we can spend during character creation to create a lvl 50 character with all quests already done

None of these options change the way people CAN play the story if they want to, but they give people who don’t want to do this a better option to try new classes.

By the way: I am an offline player and I have no friends, so I can’t be leveled by someone else in a monolith.

Addition: Sorry if this was posted already somewhere, but this forum is cluttered with closed and old suggestions and it’s not fun to go through all of this.

I haven’t tried the alternate leveling path but I agree that I really would hate to go through the campaign a 3rd time.
I went in the first dungeon and died within seconds even though I was the suggested level and just went through the campaign again on my secondary.

And yes I agree it seems a bit confusing. I would love for it to just be some type of monolith system where I can just start running. I’ve already experienced the campaign I really don’t want to talk to anyone or backtrack for side quests again.

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