Alrics revenge, quest bug

Tried to complete this quest since the latest hotfix, tried turning it off and on again, verified files in steam, the osprix leader wont spawn.

As the reward is 1 passive point, think it should be looed at asap.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue. It may be that not enough Osprix were killed to lure him out; there are often a few hiding in the outskirts. I’ll make a note that we need to improve the signaling of this quest, but in the meanwhile let me know if you can complete the quest by scouring the area and killing all the hiding Osprix.
Thanks for the report!

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I killed every enemy in the zone, as when it didnt spawn i made sure i killed every single one, did that 2 or 3 times, before boredom set in.

Hey I had this issue too. Full cleared and nothing. I restarted the game and Alric had an ! above his head when I went to meet him. After interacting with that and then reclearing the area, the boss appeared and I could complete the quest and get my rewards,

It does seem a bit odd as I used to speedrun this game and almost all the time you can complete quests without first having to talk to NPCs.

Have you tried this?

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