Alric's Revenge bugged

Tried completing Alric’s Revenge today, spawned the boss (twice), but when I portalled back to Alric (using cosmetic portal), he just restarts the quest conversation, and the quest is not completed.

He has a golden question mark, which signifies that I’ve met the condition, but he won’t let me submit the quest. No screenshot cos, not too sure what should i be screenshotting here.

Let me know if more info required.

Relogging fixed this issue btw.

can conform this bug exist. just encounter it and for me logging back in does not fix it. this was after the small update just roll in. was the only dialogue option available

server froze for me than whn i relog the bug fixed… ty for the fix. gg devs

I still have this bug on my new forge guard. Exactly as original poster described. Relogging didn’t fix.

Also got the bug as Vex2. Relogging did not fix this.

Hi, so I’ve tested this on a couple more toons, and apparently this quest will either auto-complete a few maps down the line, or will be available for completion after moving a few maps forwards.

So just proceed as usual after finishing the quest with Yulia’s stuff and hopefully it should allow quest turn in later.

I figured out the workaround for me. If you leave Yulia’s Haven zone or relog, he tells you to go do the quest again when you initiate dialogue. When I exited the town into the quest zone specifically (Nests of the Fallen), then came right back into Yulia’s Haven after talking to him, he acted like I did the quest finally and let me complete for the passive point.