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Alpha to Beta - changes?

So Question being - I played Alpha already through with the classes and builds I wanted to experience and tried loads - is there gonna be some Major Upgrades/changes/additions in Terms of skills and skill-trees, hence more Variety of builds to Play/test in the beta or is it going to be - in regards to classes (not counting in quests, items, crafting etc.) - like in Alpha, which has for example gotten some new stuff in regards to skills and skill-masteries in the last patch just recently?

Asking out of curiousity and if theres some new stuff coming to test, I`d take off 2-3 days with my fellow dad to test the beta when its out end this month/start of May :slight_smile:

PS: THANKS for creating such a cool game! It is - especially character-customization- exactly the way I imagined it and would have wanted it for Diablo 3. You guys are awesome! If I wasnt becoming a Psychotherapeut I would have become game developer to make awesome game - thanks for YOU doing the Job :smiley:

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We’ll be releasing our official beta announcement either today or tomorrow. :slight_smile:


i can not wait anymore

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You are awsome! :smiley:

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Can you do something similar to Path of Exile - whenever they annouce something, it converts to viewer local time in browser, because GGG is NZ, so they are like 12 hours further from EU, so every anouncement has to be recalculated. So when you say today or tommorow, it is which time zone ? :slight_smile: Thanks.

Been playing on a demo i found on the interwebs (3 classes only) and i LOVE IT ! I hope the beta will release soon (next week) because i am free from work and i can hardly wait to play it :slight_smile:

Our forum does support this, however I don’t have a precise time to offer just yet.

We’re based in Texas.

Thanks, don’t need exact time, just location. So you are -7 hours from EU.

Depends where you are in the EU! :slight_smile:

Czech republic it is, central EU.

The Beta announcement is out! Beta Trailer & Release Date Announcement

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