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Alpha Installation

Hey everyone. I’m a KS backer at Elder Tier. I just recently started playing alpha, but everytime I close the game down, I have to re-extract the launcher and re-download the game before I can play. Can anyone tell me where I can find the game/launcher exe. after downloading the first time?

Hi there!

You mention a .exe file - could you confirm that you are talking about the Windows version?

Talking about installation issues is very different depending on the OS involved. :slight_smile:

Yes running Windows 10

When installing the game, could you please right-click and choose Run as Administrator? Sometimes when relatively unknown software is run without elevated privileges it can be placed in a temporary directory, which would cause the issue you describe.

We’re working on preventing this happening in future, however we won’t have a solution in place in time for our next patch. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience - and once you have done so when installing, there shouldn’t be any need to do so again.

As it’s been a few days I’m going to assume this has been resolved and update the thread accordingly. This will cause the forum to automatically close the thread if there are no further posts in the next three days. Please don’t hesitate to either post again if you would like further assistance, or to create a new thread if this thread is closed before you return.


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