Allow us to change what is 'mastered'

I am not sure how you managed to randomly choose a different master profession. You are required to click on all 3 of the NPC and then select from a pop up box that displays each profession. It’s frankly impossible NOT to see the popup box as it even asks to verify your choice.

You provide no additional information, such as which mastery you chose, or double checked to see which mastery you might have chosen before coming to the forums to post.

More detailed information is needed.

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i somehow became a void knight during levelling {storyline} im not sure how but there must have been an option and i did not read it correctly, when i got to the end of time and to the realm of the forgotten it said straight away that i had allready chosen , but i had not

You just made this character? its not one that was made before? There are like 5 screens you need to click through to master. They make it incredibly clear the choice cannot be changed

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yes literally my first playthrough, ive never played the game before

I’m not sure how this can be addressed without more specifics about “somehow” happened. Do you remember anything about where you were in the storyline etc.?

It should happen about halfway through the story campaign, the first time you visit the End of Time, and then, yeah, there are a LOT of warnings that that’s about what you’re going to do, that it’s irreversible, along with the detailed screen describing all three specialization or saying which ones aren’t available yet. If that isn’t what happened for you, and you’re sure, then more detail about when it happened would be very helpful.

Either way, if you hate the mastery, then you can start a new character to go for the one you want now.

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No, you did not. The mastery selection screen looks like the picture in this post. There is no way you “became” a Void Knight without hitting the giant “Choose Mastery” button.

Just reroll a new character and save the Void Knight for a future character design. You lost about 3 hours of game play, it’s not the end of the world. Asking them to completely change their game philosophy to account for your carelessness is ridiculous.


im not sure how it happened but must have been during the story , new player new game, can be a bit of a clutter to the brain, but either way it happened and too late now, thanks for the help.

well im a new player and i definatly DID NOT see screens as the one you have linked! yes imay reroll or not, 3 hours of game play? lul it took me two days, perhaps you have not read earlier parts to this? i am a new player lul , anyway thanks for your help if thats what you call it

You being new doesn’t mean the game is any different for you. There definitely was a selection screen. If you didn’t understand what you were reading, so be it. The irony is that the post I linked describes why that screen exists – to make it harder for players to mistakenly choose the wrong specialization AND to make it feel more impactful.

I guess nothing is foolproof.

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They are not going to change how the masteries work its locked in.
There are alot of great builds for void knight, and in my opinion void knight is the best sentinal class for fun (not the safest).
Become one with the void! (have fun)

If you’re absolutely certain that you never saw a screen that looked like the one that was linked and you never attempted any sort of cheating. Not saying you did, I can just see how someone might accidentally set it while trying as a possibility of what happened. Kinda the only explanation I can think of really.

Then you should submit this as a bug report. It shouldn’t be possible to become any of the mastery classes without selecting it from a screen like the one linked in the thread.

It does warn that it is a permanent choice at least once, maybe two or three times if you read all the dialogue. I still do see people missing that so it probably needs to be really really in your face more.

In that case, I would suggest changing the background of the final confirmation box to be more distinct from the larger mastery selection screen. Also maybe (if it isn’t already, I don’t remember) make the line in the confirmation box about it being irreversible red. IIRC there were caps, and it feels like it should be enough, but if not…

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I second this option. While I am ok with my first character being a Forge Guard. I would like to keep him around and use him to try the other masteries for the Sentinel class rather than level up another character for each mastery.

There’s no legitimate way of doing that.

The bug report is here (well, a bug report kinda similar to this from the OP):

Maybe you could just add one “extreme” feature?
When we make the choice, the game says “You are now a Lich” or “You are now a Void Knight” and propose a “cancel” button with a five seconds countdown. If we press the cancel button before the end of the countdown, the mastery choice is not validated. If we don’t press it or press it too late, the mastery is chosen.

Kinda like one of those obnoxious internet “you’ve won the lottery” ads from the 2000s? Or maybe Clippy, “Hi, it looks like you’re trying to choose a mastery, would you like some help?”, “Are you sure?”, “Are yousure, you’re sure?”, etc.

The game already tells you it’s a permanent choice, though I could understand that being an issue if your ability to read English wasn’t too strong (ie, it’s not your native tongue).


I refered to that as an “extreme” feature. In my opinion, the current system is exactly as it should be. I can understand people who don’t read English well - it’s not my native tongue either - but I found it’s written in a very clear and understandable way.
But as said a former colleague in a rude way: sometimes systems must be “moron-proof”.
More seriously, it’s important to show that the mastery is the only choice that can’t be undone. All other choices (passive points, specialized skills, skill nodes, gear, blessings) can be changed, only mastery cannot. It’s important. :wink:

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Developers should not cater to the lowest denominator. There are a million things they could implement, but time is finite and I’d rather their time be spent on things that will actually enhance the game, rather than fix someone’s mistake. If I play a game that is based in a language I don’t speak (e.g. Lost Ark – when its beta was available to western players using a VPN), then either I use Google Translate or I accept the consequences of my limitations.

I’m glad the community is growing. It’s good for EHG’s bottom line, which is good for the game and its entire playerbase. But, some of the “complaints” that have come with this influx of new players are things that are entirely avoidable and has a tinge of entitlement attached.


“Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.”