Ailments Suck

I spent the last couple days working on a Frostbite Stacking Cold Spriggan Build…

I used a reference of a guy who made a version that used to do 1k corruption with ease

I spent so many hours grinding specific blessings and getting specific uniques

Im lvl 93 on my character and was slowly doing empowered monos

Guess what… my friend, who is on a cold dot bear druid… did like 3-5x my damage

He had no unique items on, was like 30+ levels below me and didn’t target farm any blessings

To summarize… I have now tried both poison and frostbite stacking
Both have felt like absolute crap
The damage you deal with ailments in .9 is a joke compared to previous
I think ailments are now in an awful spot
I would advise all other players to stay far far away from it

My suggestion is that ailments need a LOT of buffs to even be decent now
I don’t know why you guys decided to nerf tf outta them so hard, and it seems like you really didn’t test it

If Player A can heavily invest in something and get outperformed by Player B who is far lower level and no investment

Then EHG, yall messed up badly

If you want specifics I meticulously went almost FULL dps spec into DoT Frostbite

I checked every single node on my build and min/maxed my tree

I min/maxed my uniques and it seemed like I should be VERY strong

When I stacked 200+ frostbites on a target I was dealing less than 3k per tick

This is including using snowdrift and having over 1000 freeze rate multiplier

Snowdrift boots give frostbite penetration per 10 freeze rate… ( which either currently does nothing and it’s bugged or its just garbage now )

My friend using Maelstrom Werebear was doing 4-6k dmg ticks at around 30+ levels below me

What a joke…

Stacking frostbites isn’t instant either… I would have to sit there and stack for a bit

So the upfront damage ticks were like 200 or less

Like I said… ailments are a complete joke right now and I have now wasted a ton of time to figure that out for myself

In order for ailments to feel decent, they would need to do well over 3x their current damage

As additional information
The build creator who was able to clear 1k corruptions with his cold sprig in .8.5?
Yea he just told me he couldn’t make the build work ( he used his godly gear in perma offline as well on his lvl 100 )
If you doubt me at all…

And here I am just the other day thinking why my hit based builds are usually way weaker than my ailment builds… :thinking:


aw shoot I use poison so I guess I need reroll.

Nah, poison’s fine, it’s just not as bonkersly broken for the high end builds.

True !

good luck

No idea what you did but ailments should still work fine. Frostbite might be an exeption but poison just does less dmg but not in a "everything is unplayable! ammount.


Unless you still wanted it to be capable of deleting t4 bosses in seconds.

I started a Frostbite Shaman Spriggan, havent got all my gear equipped yet but I feel the same, doing very little damage with frostbite, only about 800 freeze multi and using Snowdrift boots, missing Gaspars helmet, Frostbite Shackles but not really keen on continuing the character if its going to be this weak

Care to post the build? If you’re not stacking more multipliers and only ailment properties, will not be enough.

Then it’s still not unplayable just slower compared to the unrealistic and completely braindead expectations. shrug


This sounds almost like base frostbite damage. What affixes are you stacking to make frostbite better?

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I followed a guide from someone who had been farming 1k corruption
He has said it’s unplayable now

Don’t worry… it’s not like I don’t understand how the dmg mods work…
Frostbite is a cold dot
I scaled it with all the modifiers that apply to it
I had uniques that are considered BIS for a frostbite build…

3k tick on empowered monos is 100% not base dmg… you must be doing low lvl content to think that

I have already switched to an on hit crit variant and im doing 4-5x the ailment damage
When a build creator doing 1k corruption says its unplayable… that’s all you need to know

But anyone who is trying to do empowered monos with ailments will have very awful damage
As opposed to hit/crit variants doing just fine

I was farming empowered monos not doing low lvl content, my character is in the 90’s

It sucks lol…
If you are doing regular monos of course you’re going to feel like your build is fine

It’s REALLY BAD bro… trust me I farmed tf outta blessings and was going to mindlessly farm the freeze gloves for 2+ lp

I switched to a crit hit totem variant and im doing WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY more damage…

I’m really annoyed because I have made multiple ailment builds, some were my own from 1+ year ago that were deleting bosses and felt great

Now all of the ailment builds I have tried feel HORRIBLE

I even went on my offline character to test and I can confirm its been nerfed

My poison character is doing 70% less damage than it used to, before this patch

You can try to prove me wrong if you want, but from all my testing…ailments suck horribly right now

Poison does 70% less damage than it used to
Frostbite feels unplayable

GL trying to play ailments
I’ll be over here not doing that…

Better for the DEVS to know that ailments are in a shit spot… instead of pretending its fine while doing miniscule damage to other builds of the same level and same gear investment

I don’t think I can put it more plainly than this

"If Player A can heavily invest in something and get outperformed by Player B who is far lower level and no investment

Then EHG, yall messed up badly"

I wont bother with the character anymore, I farmed for a few days for the build, even have a Dragon Staff with T26 affixes total with 800 freeze multi, when I was clearing Lagon timeline I noticed my Frostbite was doing hardly anything im still not level 80/85 so I cant use Shackles or Gaspars helm or the staff but if its already underperforming im not going to waste my time

So I went and tested on the dummy and with 55ish stacks of Frostbite I get 5.5k damage which is pathetic, my Frostbite tooltip is 354 /3 x 55 = 6490, even going only into Frostbite my hit damage is 90% of my damage

The dmg on the dummy is gonna be way higher than your dmg on enemies in empowered monos

But yea I feel ya man, literally over 1000 freeze multi and I had all the uniques for the build

EHG pulled a GGG and overnerfed ailments

If you post a build link from LE Tools, somebody else might have some suggestions around tweaking it. Alternatively, they can try it themselves and experience the pain. Then youll have more support for any feedback or proposed changes


They are no where near as bad as OP is making them out to be.

But I do feel like the change was a pretty big negative.

Take a build that had lets say 300 effect, like a snowdrift build. lets say they also use atrophy and a passive for a total of 50 pen.

last patch they are doing 6x base damage before any increases. Now they are doing 4.5, they lost 25% of their damage.

Many ailment builds are just 15-25% worse then they were last patch, which is weird since the only overperforming ailment was poison, we all saw its changes coming.

But ignite/bleed/frostbite didnt need nerfs imo. The change was made under the assumption of making ailments easier to understand, but I think they should have just changed effect to more damage instead. That way it multiplies with pen favorably. Now pen is a terrible multiplier for many ailment builds where as before it was as useful as it was for hit builds.