Ailments Suck

Yeah, to me one of the worst changes: there’s not much going on for ailments: duration, penetration and increased damage. Ailment effect is not that big of a deal, they converted it all to penetration, leaving the same magnitudes, which is quite a nerf. They are supposedly making items matter more, this goes on the opposite direction. All goes to the same multiplier bucket: penetration and shred.

No one asked for this. Poison indeed needed a nerf and ailments in general a slight one, but they over-did it.

If you want to simplify things, get rid of the duality of less bonus damage taken from critical strikes and crit avoidance, make it a single “critical mitigation” that acts like less bonus damage taken from critical strikes, because the crit avoidance thing ends up being: you either have 100% or you’re not safe, is quite unpleasant to manage.

Also stun avoidance is yet another stupid stat nobody uses, could be like the actual crit avoidance but with stuns (percent chance to avoid stuns) and similar values. But no, it gives health only for stun mitigation you can stack 2k and still get stunned often, because you lose so much potential life for that.

Then we have the meme/bait bases, like shrine boots and the ward retention ones, oh boy, and items being murdered, or crit vulnerability. They passed the nerf hammer with all his might.

This somehow gets me quite worked up. Better leave it be.


They didn’t over do it for poison, can’t really speak for the other ailments but I dont think “ailment effect” was a particularly complicated stat.

Yeah, that I’d like to see.

That needed a nerf but IMO they should have changed it to be affected by your % increased crit stats.


Was quite OP, but went too hard with the nerf: from up to 100% crits with no crit investment, to a plain 20% which is not much but not bad per se, but after 10 points in passives and accumulating 10 stacks… One of those “why bother” things. You get the reducing crit avoidance but that’s fairly niche to justify the investment.

Yeah, hence my comment about it being affected by your % increased crit. That’d be ok, then they could even have made it a smaller buff possibly, or fewer stacks or something. You’d still get to 100% crit chance but you’d have to actually put some investment in (which would still be kinda trivial for a Rogue).

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Yeah, that would be a great way to do it. Heck, even if they left 4%, they already nerfed the the max stacks to 10, you still would have to build 60% crit for guaranteed, powerful but is one of rogue specialties

Meanwhile you get awesome (and OP) synergies and things going on Druid, things like, multiple sources of DR and increased base health, capped evasion on Swarmblade or huge scaling with druid strength into flat spell. But lets nerf rogue, again, and hard.

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