After being disconnected, that character can't log in again

my game had disconnected
then I can’t login with the character
but other character still work.

its bugged over 10 hour
is anyone have the same problem?

I have the same problem. Can’t play my bladedancer but my other characters are fine.

same here … but more than 3 days now …

I have a similar problem. Can’t play with my Cycle Characters. Can’t create a new one either. Login is fine-> then i land in the character selection screen. After selecting one the screen changes to a nice image with some random game tips at the bottom and thats it.

Same here, just happened like 1hr ago.
I’ve been playing a legacy warlock and i wanted to try rogue.
Created offline rogue Cycle and from there infinite loading.
Closed the game and rebooted it, legacy chars were gone… and now on every new char i’m stuck in the loading screen … nice :frowning:

LE: it seems if i let it for a while in the infinite loading it just closes the game… i’m 1 day away for a refund :frowning:

LE2: Legacy new chars seem to actually load… so Cycle is busted.

Same problem. When teleporting to the next location there was a loss of connection, now when you try to connect to this character, the connection is lost on the loading screen. The rest of the characters on the account log into the game normally.

Same since 3 days and no reply