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Advice for leveling Mage?

I find myself dying a lot while leveling Mage. Are there any secret tricks I’m missing for gaining health/ward quickly, or do I just need to lean on Flame Ward more and git gud at keeping distance? Thanks!

You could probably check out

There are levelling guides for most classes… Most are still a little outdated (ie. not 0.83 yet) but the general ideas should still help you…

Generally tho, you shouldnt really be struggling in the campaign stages (at least till Act 8 & 9) even if you havent grasped the class concepts yet… The key thing is to play to the skills you want to use and check the alt information for what attributes affect the skills the most… and just generally dont forget things keeping resistances in line with your level and stack a little health/damage mitigation here or there if you begin to feel a little squishy…

Many people level Mages with Glacier. It’s a skill that can do high level at high mana cost and is very efficient. A single cast can wipe out half of the screen.
I now prefer levelling with Elemental Nova and Lightning Blast. It’s a bit less effective in the beginning but more dynamic.

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Let me tell you what I found out for every mage build so far:

In the first around 20 levels, leveling a mage can be kind of annoying.
For damage, mostly, a non-skilled new skill (for example Glacier, Disintegrate) can be far superior to your already used skill so far. That is because a lot of mage skills tend to be much stronger in later game, while being particularly weak in early game. You should go with what you need later, for your skills but always be ready to use a new skill if you can acquire it.

That being said, second important thing is: There is I think no build without flame ward and teleport. Both give you a lot of defense, and with the skills and passives, they can help you a lot coming out ouf bad situations. Especially mirror images from teleport is highly recommended to divert aggro from yourself.

And third, and most important, the mage has access to some of the best CC skills. I even used cold snap in my 30s when going for a large melee mob.

A good mage build might have 1-2 active skills for offense and the rest for defense. Two of them being almost always flame ward and teleport. Some skills can be used in both ways.

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I always level my mages with Desintegrate. It is a great skill and you have so many options to scale it from - spell damage, Damage over Time, elemental damage, damage while channeling, fire damage, lightning damage! All is good. As for the nodes on its skilltree - go for Escalation, Amplification, Twinbeam and with Galvanized Defense you will get less damage while channeling it.