Admiral's Dreadnought jump off the deck stuck

at admirals dreadnought quest how to jump off the deck?already at quest marker but nothing happened, is it bug?


Same bug here, can’t progress in the game, can’t jump off deck even if I have the quest marker


Same here

Same here

Same issue here. When I get to the point where I have to signal to jump off the deck, nothing happens. Guess we can’t play the game until this is fixed.

you should have unlocked the next waypoint (Majekha in shining cove // 1005ag)
travel there and it should be fixed!

This surely isn’t working for me. This is progress-stopping.

Is there a way to abandon a quest, then restart?

I went back to Imperial Therima, cleared every single inch of map from there to admiral fight. Still couldn’t jump off boat, but waypoint in desert magically appeared…

Good luck!

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