The Admiral’s Dreadnought - "Jump off the deck" option is bugged!

I’ve killed the boss “Admiral Horton” and then speaked with “Alric”. By that time my game was crashed due to heavy traffic on servers. Then i logged in, went to the place, killed the guy again and saw a sign near the ship. Went through there, but no option for “jump off the deck” i watched a video on yt, there is. But on my game, there is no option so i can’t play the campaign.

Here is the ss:

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We’re tracking this issue internally, thanks for the report.

Same issue here. Got disconnected after killing Admiral Horton. Loaded back in and beat him again and now no prompt to continue.

Follow this it worked for me

Anything? This isn’t a side quest - we can’t progress.

Appreciate the hard work, realize this probably isn’t impacting many people in the scheme of things… but now we can’t play.

Best wishes with everything. Enjoying the game.

We have a potential fix on our end and we’re hoping to get it out as soon as we can.

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