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Adaptive spell damage vs Spell damage


I tried searching in the forums but couldn’t find an answer to my question, oddly enough.
Anyways - What’s the difference between “Adaptive spell damage” and just plain “spell damage”?

adaptive spell damage is flat damage that is added to the base value of spells, which becomes the element of the given spell. (hence, “adaptive”)

in most cases where the spell is tagged with two damage types, the adaptive spell damage is equally split between them.

you’ll see adaptive spell damage, as well as things like necrotic spell damage, fire spell damage, lightning spell damage, etc on items, and those are all flat damage types… the only time you’d see “spell damage” would be as “increased spell damage” or something to that effect, not as a flat value.

Thank you for the answer!

I took a closer look at the affixes in-game and it seems “Adaptive spell damage” increases flat and “increase spell damage” increases by %.


Adaptive spell damage is additional, increased spell damage is procentual. Adedd fire spell damage is not adaptive but only fie dmg while adaptive spell damage adapts to the element of the spell. When you press alt on the tooltip you see the tags. Fireball for example is fire dmg so all adaptive spell damage is added as fire dmg. Spell cold dmg will simply add the number of cold dmg to the fire dmg so you do a lot of fire dmg and a little cold dmg.

Adaptive spell dmg like on staffs scepters and wands simply adapts to the dmg type of your spell.

That’s it exactly. Adaptive spelldamage is the flat value that gets added to spells. Increased spelldamage is the modifier to scale it.

Basically flat added damage is one of the most effective ways to boost DPS take a look at the ivory hat with flat damage it well outpaces every other unique unique or rare