Abberant call - minions lose 6% of their current health per second

Is it true, that “minions lose 6% of their current health per second” applies only to Wraiths? I’ve heard from this YT vid it should apply to Abomination, but here i’ve read that it only applies to Wraiths.

Now i’m confused. My Abominations HP is not decreasing and i thought that it might be some HP regen interfeering.

It applies to all minions. My wraith necro has an abomination specced with the Age of Undeath node, which means he doesn’t have any natural decay until you have 6+ skeletons / skeleton mages, and he starts decaying when I put the staff on.

Just remember the line says current health, not max health. So it will slow down a lot and eventually the decay will just “stop”.

Neither my Abo nor Skeleton Vanguard from Abo loose HP… cant get why

My Vid

Video is still processing. I just tested on my own necro. Abomination snap shots your gear when he is summoned. So I removed the staff and summoned him, then put the staff on and he wasn’t decaying. Then I summoned him while wielding the staff and he started to decay. I don’t know if you’re summoning him with a lot of minion regen gear or something. But he definitely starts decaying if summoned while wielding the staff.

vid is available.

i only use Abberant Call and i have 0 minion HP regen. Abomi starts to decay only when i remove point from Age of Undeath…

Have you tried relogging? If that doesn’t solve it then it’s possibly a bug and should be posted on the #bug-reports forum.

I’ve been playing like that for a while now with many relogs in the meantime.

Will post in bugs then i guess if i wont be able to pin-point a reason for this behavior

My Abo seems to have crazy high regeneration… dont know from where thou… Abberant call Abomination #2 - YouTube