A Sneak Peek at Chapter 8

Hi Travelers!

As you know, the upcoming Patch 0.7.8 includes Chapter 8 of our campaign.

Today we’ve prepared some screenshots showing both zones visited previously during other Eras, and all-new zones never seen before. While we’re excited to show these to you, we ask that you remember they remain works in progress - Patch 0.7.8 is still weeks away.

As an aside, we recently unleashed EpochBot on the Last Epoch Discord server!

Have you joined us on Discord yet?


Good to hear again from you guys! Screenshots are lookin good.
Patch still weeks away…well hard news for us but take your time to polish the game and stay healthy!

They took our jerbs!

Well I’ll be sure to bring an ensemble of grass type Pokemon to that gym battle. Thanks for the heads up. :wink:

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Hey ! Good to have some news !

It looks nice :slight_smile:

The light & water effects are definitely cool :wink:

Nice to see but isn’t Travelers actually spelt Travellers ??


‘Traveler’ is the American spelling.

Eleventh Hour Games are based in Texas.

So excited!

So very, very pretty.

You might want to be a bit more consistent with the US/UK spelling then (you use armour but not defence).

I don’t see any dimming on the back of the mini map
Is it a new feature?

Screen shots look amazing, can’t wait to explore the new areas! And, onn a side note, I would rather the dev’s take their time with development so we don’t get Wolcen’d.

This tease does things to me! cant wait to try it! ill be sitting here in a straight jacket trying to stay sane while i wait!

Look at the pose. New animations incoming, too😁

So excited :clap::clap::clap::clap:

Does this mean, that we are now in phase 3 of early access? Since we are getting the chapter 8 patch soon.

No, since there are several things that have yet to be implemented from phase 2 - eternity caches, tooltip dps & in-game mechanics guide.

what LLama8 says, although I admit it is a little confusing from time to time, because also stuff in P3 seems to be implemented. In the end, it doesn’t matter all that much, because every 4-6 weeks you’re getting cool new content!

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Mmmm, not sure there is anything from phase 3 implemented yet (ignoring chapter 8 since that’s not out yet), the only one I could think of is “item & crafting updates”.

ye, i meant Ch8, as that is still in my mind as being implemented, somehow, starting P3 for me. you’re right, it’s not there yet.

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