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A quick question re: cold/chill/freeze and Marksman plus other thoughts

Hey all,

If off before I forget, why not have cold in the elemental arrows passives? Excluding them doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

Has anyone tried the cold version of the marksman, for example maybe cold det arrow and hail of arrows (I don’t think any other MM skills have cold) with a cold decoy thrown in? I ask as, from my understanding, cold attacks are not in a great place as anything worth their salt just shrugs off the attack in a moment anyway, and with MM I figure you’d even be less effective as you wouldn’t have as much chill/freeze as something like a cold sorc build.


Cold isn’t one of the main Rogue damage types.

There are a few cold builds, either Puncture (with Troaka’s Teeth) or Hail of Arrows (with the Crystal Arrows node).

There are a lot of classes that have “niche/outlier” damage types.

For Example Fire Acolyte, Fire Primalist and Cold Rogue.
All of these have very limited support and you really need to be creative to make them work.
Many of those playstyles are additionally supported with uniques.

I really like that each calss has some “main damage types” and some secondary ones, that are a bit harder to build round, but still possible to do something with them.

And there is:

Yeah, I couldn’t be arsed, I’m sure the OP knows that search is a thing just wanted to use the slightly different UI for it (aka, asking people).

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Not really; I was asking as, if you look at Lizard’s, it focuses on the unique bow (which does look neat) and boots to artificially create chill/freeze but uses non-cold focusing skills (flurry and multi-shot). I was asking about the cold focusing skills (hail of arrows and det arrow) and, although I didn’t specifically state anything, I wasn’t focusing so much on the weapon (either with or without the unique bow, quiver, and/or boots).

I think mine is a completely different question/POV, and that’s what I was asking.

Then I would refer you to my initial reply, cold just isn’t one of the primary (or even secondary) damage elements the devs have for the Rogue. They do “break” that rule with a few uniques & the occasional node in some skills.

As others have mentioned, typically these types of secondary non-heavily supported (via skills and passives) damage types for classes rely on uniques for that support. This is also where the devs seem to like to see these types of builds get supported. Some classes are doing better than others at the moment cough Fire shaman cough, but I think Mourningfrost is an excellent example of a unique that opens up a lot of possibilities for a secondary damage type.

To be fair though, Rogue has additional cold support thanks to Storm Fletcher being elemental instead of fire/shock.