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A Big Congratz

Hello to all!
After playing Path Of Exile for more than 5 years, i decided to give LE a try. I played non stop for a week and i have to say… wow! This game rocks! I know that the game is still at early access and in beta state but i can see that this game is a diamond! I really love:

  1. No RNG crafting
  2. In game loot filter
  3. Interesting skills and spells
  4. The loot has meaning
  5. No bloat mechanics
  6. Smooth gameplay and very nice graphics
  7. Almost all the builds are viable for the current end game
    I know that the game is lacking some QoL features ( i would love to auto collect the crafting shards, better tooltip descriptions) but i am sure that the devs will implement them in the near future.
    I am already having great fun and i can’t wait to see LE topping the charts!
    Eleventh Hour you have my fully support! Congratz for this awesome game!

P.S. Sorry for my english, it is not my native language.


Welcome to the board. I think a lot of people will get about your number 1 :D. I’m glad you like the game have fun and keep the feedback comin ;).

Welcome to the LE community.

It’s always so interesting to read inital feedback from new players.

Alot of the points you listed had alot of changes with the recent major patches.

But i agree alot of the points make LE distinct from other aRPG’s.

Just some random thoughts:

The crafting system is certainly very different than PoE’s, but it’s literally still full RNG. It’s deteministic, but the success is still RNG.

I think a big portion of the community, especially thsoe coming from other games do like it, but i also heard people not liking it(very few), since you can literally brick and item and render it no more craftable, which is not the case in PoE for example(with the exception of corrupting).

There is some hot discussions about auto-looting and while alot of people see this as an QoL Feature, there are alot of people that do not want to see this as a “feature” (me included)

Here is a more recent discussion about this topic, but there are dozens of threads about this or similar requests)

Other than your crafting shards suggestion, you mentioned other QoL features you would want. Can you liberate on that a bit? If you think there is problems with the tooltips that you see or have other QoL suggestion, please share.

and leave us not to forget what I think is the best part of this game: The friendliest most helpful community I have ever encountered!

I think there was a misunderstanding about “auto collect” i mentioned. With “auto collect” i mean to collect the shards like we collect gold ( walk on them and add them at our inventory) and not full automate procedure.
As QoL i would like to see the exact health of my pets - including the health they gain from my gear and skills - (maybe there is in game already and i didn’t notice it). Also i would love to see some kind of icons at mobs when i put a curse on them ( example is time rot with warpath skill).
Other than that the game is great!! Keep up the good work!

So from my understanding you want more advanced tool tips for minions and debuff icons on enemy health bars. I am sure that stuff is in the works. :+1:

Right now when it comes to debuffs on enemies you have to go by animation, majority from what I recall, all debuffs should have visual effects on enemies. Timerot has it’s own too, kinda looks like a purple circle thing that has a trail when a monster is walk or run; it’s pretty noticeable.

Yes, an icon should be a great addition for curses and debuffs!
Also did i mention that the auto sort feature is great? No more “tetris-puzzling” to keep my inventory and stash in order :slight_smile:

No, that’s exactly the thing i personally would not like to see.

As i stated numerous times, there are some things, while on the surface they are “QoL”, they do take away alot of the “looting experience”.

Having shards directly go into the crafting storage, would be totally fine, so we don’t need 2 clicks (one for looting one for storing) would be fine for me.

I just do not want “automated looting”

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If everything goes automatically in the right storage, you don’t have the feeling of getting some loot. The experience becomes less intense and feels less rewarding. I feel the current situation about shards is the right balance, but that’s personal opinion.

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Don’t you be dogging on my boy Tetris! :slight_smile:

For me the looting itself is the most important part.

What i suggested would be just a middleground between now and what some players want.

Because you need to clicks twice to make crafting shards go into the storage(one time looting, one time "send to storage).

But i agree that i personally think the current situation is fine.

I already also suggested, that they might increase the pickupradius for shards, if they want to reduce the nubmer of cliks require to loot stuff.

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I personally don’t feel that clicking to pick up crafting shards adds anything to the experience of looting that you speak of. It’s just a chore to have to click things that I know I want to pick up but not really care about what they are. If I want them regardless of what they are, there’s no reason to click them, just like gold.

For me the experience of looting comes from finding awesome items. When you look at it and decide if it’s what you want. In fact even that has been streamlined with loot filters so that you can essentially not look at any item that drops, pick them all up, and sort through them later in your dump tabs.

I’ve actually stopped looting a lot of crafting shards because of this fact, and I don’t feel good about it because I know I’m missing some Runes of Shattering that I do want. But because I can’t add crafting items to the loot filter I can’t hide shards, which add a lot of visual clutter at the moment.

I agree, that currently craftign shards can become “non-exciting”, but if you are playing solo, esepcially early on they are indeed exciting, especially runes of shattering.

When we see more Runes (especially rare, powerfull ones like the newly added Rune Of Shaping) added to the game and maybe even give us the opportunity to include crafting shards into the loot filter for recolor/emphasize, this can go more into the direction i was talking about.

When you finally found your first super rare super powerfull rune!

I would definitely like to see crafting components added to the loot filter. I’m sure it’s on the list. Being able to highlight runes separately to shards would be awesome, as well as hide or emphasize certain affixes based on need. I do this via items for shattering already. Mostly I’d like to reduce the visual clutter from all the shards though.

Even if you personally enjoy it as part of the “looting experience”, there’s no reason not to have it as a toggleable option for those who do not. LE already plays a lot slower than POE and other ARPGS and that’s part of its charm. But, having to stop every 10-20 seconds to pick up shards for crafting feels more like busy work than meaningful looting IMO.

Different strokes for different folks. Let there be options for each.

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A toggleable option to auto-loot shards would be great for me. I would enable it immediately because that’s how I would prefer to have things but I also don’t want to force anyone else to play it my way. Can also keep it so the default option is how it currently is.

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This game is going to be great once they get multiplayer going. I’ll bring in all my friends.