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4 Mod Items with Drop Only Exalted is quite boring

Already its pretty damn easy to get quad t5 items
The problem is that… that’s all you can do

There is no way to gamble for exalted items or upgrading

Compared to POE where there are way more than 5 tiers and each item can have 6 mods as well as influenced mods etc etc

The crafting in this game is quite limited and boring

Prefix - Dmg / Stat / Speed / Mana
Suffix - Resist / Health / Def

Its kinda… meh

Id like to see more crafting options and perhaps ways to achieve exalted tier items

Even if the exalted enhancement was a very low chance, its better than not letting us make exalted items

Furthermore id like to see perhaps Special mods that can appear on items

For example lets say a glove cannot roll + lvl of skill

There should be a drop chance of an item containing a mod from the mod pool list of another type

So like imagine finding gloves with movement speed

That imo is way more bad ass than finding a mod that you already have but is slightly better… like…yay… woop de doo

I think itemization in this game has so much potential

Current implementation is very boring and dull

Can’t gamble for uniques, cant craft exalted, cant find anything spectacular like I suggested above

So all I can do is mindless grind till an exalted item drops with the exalted mod I want

BUT WAIT that’s not all

You then have to remove the shit mods since all exalted items drop with other mods (usually)
And USUALLY those mods are mods you don’t want

But WAIT that’s not all either

If the exalted mod is not on the correct item base, its not usable for many builds

I really hope this system gets massive changes in the future and massive overhaul to crafting, loot drops, and upgrading

Currently all I can do now is grind for tiny % stat increases

There are no super rare boss items I can chase or like I mentioned a build enabling drops

Its all just miniscule upgrades, which is far from the case in games like POE

In POE there are build’s that become viable because of mods on items

For example… lets say you wanna play “cast on crit”

You can craft a bow that says “Supported by lvl 20 Cast on Crit”

So now this bow enables you to slot more gems or perhaps even more skills that you werent able to use before

Or mods like % chance to explode on kill

Allows builds that generally dont have good clear speed, to get chain explosions and have good clear speed

Or allows builds with already good clear speed to become even better at clearing hordes of mobs

Currently there are no mods on items that are anywhere close to the level of chase that exists in POE

The most chase worthy mod I can think of is an exalted +lvl of skill

So to repeat and TLDR my suggestion list

#1 - Exalted items should be obtainable via crafting even if its an incredibly small chance

#2 - It would be cool to see items that drop with mods from other pool types. For example gloves with movement speed. Or a weapon with +lvl of skill etc

#3 - Current mod list is quite meh. There’s not that many interesting mods. I used POE as an example to show interesting mods. I feel like chase mods don’t really exist on rare items outside of like 1 which is +lvl of skills. I’m hoping there are more affixes added to the prefix/suffix pool

That’s about it…

That’s my feedback on items


Althought i agree with alot of the things you are saying, mainly the stats on items being pretty boring, i dont want the game to be like POE. If i wanted to play POE id play POE. There are most deff build enabling uniques in this game you just havent found them yet i assume. As far as build enabling mods that can be crafted on gear i can see this being a thing in the future. But this is still in early access and i assume as their game gets released and they go through many leagues there are going to have to add more and more to the game to keep it interesting.


Go play poe


I dont think this game could ever be POE
For starters the skills and passive trees work completely differently

Epoch has a strict guideline with options where POE has freedom and customization

Build enabling uniques? No

There are Uniques made for specific skills and therefore if you’re not playing that specific skill then you generally cannot use that unique

Here’s an example, I am playing Shurikens

How many Shuriken uniques exist? 1 - Claws +2 shuriken gloves

Are there any build enabling uniques that exist for shurikens? No

I have nearly every single unique in the game except for the few that I have been specifically looking for

And these uniques are not build enabling… they just have better stats than rares and mostly serve the purpose of “defense”

I wouldn’t call that build enabling

I agree this is early access and I know this game has alot of potential

I just dont think the current system of items and upgrades is enough for a full release imo

Its quite stale and uninteresting

A new player will be excited and then realize that most of the uniques cannot be used on their build and then that they aren’t dropping exalted items etc etc etc

Eventually they will feel like they are hard rng gated and mindlessly grinding for miniscule upgrades

If you want the game to be like that it will not have a great audience like POE

POE is a great comparison as it is the literal King of ARPG’s as of rn

No other arpg even comes close to it

So if you want Epoch to be better than POE and not just some niche game like Grim Dawn

It’s gotta make headway and do things better than POE

Currently they are miles behind POE and I personally dont think this game will ever be competing with POE

However, if they make the right decisions and take their game down the right path

It will be a great time for many people and they will have a decently sized player-base

You may disagree with my fb but telling me to play POE is pretty cringe and makes your opinion look worthless tbh @Neto

Its like a fart in the wind to me

For the record I will be playing POE when 3.16 launches as will most of this games player base

POE has cycles/leagues

People play it and then wait for the next content update

None is going to sit there playing POE or Epoch day in and day out

Of course I do want Epoch to succeed and become a better game

Currently im already finding myself bored of the game after just 60 hours of gameplay

Sure I can keep farming to min/max or push to some arbitrary arena level

Not much left to do in the game in my opinion and one of the biggest issues to me, is the items and itemization in this game


Theres the + lightning damage unique dagger as well which is another skill enabling unique to make a unique build better.

Not every unique is a build enabling unique but there are ones out there. For instance Exsangious chest.

Also this game is in beta, theres no where near the final amount t of uniques in this game as there is planned

Well this isnt PoE so i hope your grind is mindless but yes im this genre that is typically what happens. You hunt and hunt and hunt and depend on rng. Its not just handed to you.

All that said im sure more things sill come and i agree theres more to the loot side of the game they could do to make it better.

There is ton to do in this game that i know theres no way was completed in less than 60 hours. Keep tryimg nes skill combos, but if its all about items and you dont want to farm for them… Yeah idk

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Bro lmao look through your post and see just how many times you used the term POE. Its very obvious you like that game and want every aRPG that comes out to emulate it in some way. Did you play POE in beta? it was absolute dog shit 10 years ago very unfun they had to add to it multiple times a year for 10 years for it to become what it is today… and it still seems like it lacks something you want… or else you would be playing POE right now instead.

EDIT- after re reading your post its very obvious you didnt play POE in beta


I dont play poe period


Yeah i was replying to his post.

I am with you POE is booty


Mobile. Icons all look the same lol

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That this game could never be PoE is a definite mark in its favor.

I don’t understand how some people’s minds work, to be honest. If you’re here lamenting that Last Epoch sucks at being PoE, you have t he option t o go play a game that’s great at being PoE. The path for a new game to succeed is NOT trying to be another game. It’s in differentiating itself from that other game. Any game that tries to be PoE will never be anything more than a cut rate PoE, forever eclipsed by what it’s trailing 10 years behind.

Let PoE be PoE and let Last Epoch be what EHG want it to be. Succeed or fail, LE needs to have its own identity.


I just explained it…

For starters I’ve played POE since 2014 and yes Its a much better game than Epoch or any other ARPG out there at the moment

Epoch Devs themselves love POE and play it

So idk why you’re even attempting to put down that game

I never suggest POE is a perfect game and my large amount of hours prevents me from playing too much each league

I’ve said it once I’ll say it again

POE has leagues and cycles

Everyone who plays usually goes hard in the first month and then drops off to wait for the next league

I dont know a single person, personally, who plays the league for the entire 3 month duration

As of right now POE is on its 2nd-3rd month cycle with the next league releasing in around 4 weeks

So none who enjoys POE is still playing rn… nearly everyone is just waiting for the next content update

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What are you even on about

What I’ve noticed is alot of you get really offended when people talk about POE

It is factually a better game, get over it

More players, more revenue, more content etc etc

None is trying to turn Epoch into POE

I am making suggestions that itemization in this game is boring and gave examples

If all you see is the word POE and you freak out then don’t bother typing a response


Thanks for proving my point

There are little to no build enabling uniques for my build

Added lightning dmg to shuriken’s is a mod that exists on rare items as well

Point is it doesn’t enable anything… its flat dmg

My point is there isn’t much for me to chase in this game on my current build

Im already almost 100 and doing empowered mono’s with ease

I can try to push 500 corruption or over 500 waves in arena

Nothing else for me to really do on my character

Also every lvl is inconsequential at this point

I barely get anything from my passives since there isnt enough investment available for me on the passive trees

Im just grabbing +dex at this point which is a small dmg increase

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There can’t possibly be any way for someone to interpret “PoE does it this way so you should do it this way” as trying to shape this into yet another pathetic attempt at a carbon copy, now can there?

There is nothing “factually” better about Path of Exile. If PoE were e the end all of ARPGs the none of us would be here. If it were “factually better” people would spend their time there rather than looking for an alternative. If it’s not a good enough game to hold a player’s interest for the whole of a 90 day cycle, that says something rather unflattering about GGG and their project.

You may subjectively prefer the way PoE does things, but that is nothing more than that, subjective. Many of us, also quite subjectively, dislike that game for a variety of reasons and want other games to avoid emulating it.


Seems like you are the one that needs to learn how to read. I said POE was really bad in beta 10 years ago. So to expect last epoch to be even close to as good as POE is NOW when they had many many many years of development on them and a bigger team is just riduclous. Give them time and let them go their own direction.

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? I never said this

You literally said POE is booty

Are you now denying you said that when I can scroll up and see it?

So not only are you accusing me of not reading, but you don’t even remember what you wrote

And when you get called out you try to pretend you didn’t say it?

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My suggestions were clear

#1 - Not being able to craft or gamble for exalted is bad.

#2 - Perhaps introducing a new type of drop where an item can roll a mod from a different pool of mods. Gave example of gloves with movement speed.

#3 - Showed examples of how POE has chase mods. To show that in retrospect there are almost zero chase mods on items. With the only one I give credit to is +lvl of skill. Therefore suggesting that there should be more chase items/mods. I did not say POE has this so add it to Epoch… I very clearly did not say that

#4 - I also explained how finding a specific mod that is exalted is still not necessarily an upgrade because you then have to gamble clean it

What part of that is “PoE does it this way so you should do it this way”

Literally all you did was see the word POE and your tiny brain imploded

As well as multiple other people who have commented… big yikes

Man you shouldn’t be allowed to type

All you’ve done so far is spam mindless shit

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PoE has been around for nearly a decade, 8 years and counting to be exact. This means it’s had 13 major revisions and 35 minor revisions since Alpha. Last Epoch has been around for about 3 years, has had 32 revisions since pre-alpha, AND is still in beta/early access. If you’re expecting the same level of content between the 2 titles then you’re in the wrong place.

The last I read the devs were planning to have leagues and seasons among other things. This information is pretty easily located if you take the time to do so.

As a side note, I would imagine some of the feedback you’re getting is due to your posts coming off as both confrontational and downright insulting. This community is pretty welcoming both here and in Discord so if you have any interest in being part of it, I would consider joining in with some more thoughtful posts and leave the mudslinging at the door.


PoE graphics, too many things were in display and looked a frightful jumble. I don’t understand why it is liked by so many people?? When i watch the clip, I can’t even distinguish which is the main character, which is the monster. LE have beautiful graphic , skill so beauty … I love LE . Sorry English so bad , I hope everyone understands what I mean

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