3 Million DPS MoF speedrun build guide

Ultimate 3 million damage plus poison build for speed running MoF


Very impressive! It’s cool to see you can find some new combo which no one found before you. :slight_smile:

That looks bat**** insane, though I would ask whether the global damage & poison chance being multiplicative is “correct”/working as intended, since they say increased & I don’t think there’s other skills that provide multiplicative buffs.


Makes me want to try my lich again!

They’re coming for your Boardman…

Ha those changes are bare minimum :slight_smile:

That’s why I dislike invul frames :D.

Question: You have 5 points in Symbol of Decay which says it needs a one-handed weapon and no shield but the unique staff is two-handed. Is the description wrong and the passive works with the staff? Or should those five points be put elsewhere?

Nope, it does not work, i did not read the fine print on that one, waste of 10 points

Thanks for the prompt reply. I really enjoy your builds and the way you explain them. I appreciate the effort you put into helping all of us enjoy this truly wonderful game.

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I wonder why not take Infectious Dead node that converts Necrotic to Poison node in Wandering Spirits node?

The spectrual putrence is already poison, no need for the hit damage to be changed.

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I see. I was confused about weather would minions do more damage with that node. ty

The spirits would do more of their own damage and it would be poison but thats just there hit damage its not a poison stack so in this build its nothing. The 1 point would be better making them shoot their poison shot faster or further away

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Any alternative for the 2h staff? If so what affix / prefix should we be looking out for.

You can use a 1h, honestly any weapon will still be ok just make sure its got some Poison hit on chance eve if its only 50% chance, if you use shield, you can change out your belt for vipertail.

I am getting into this game a little late, I was curious if this build is still viable in 0.7.8f

It does slightly less damage now after a -50% hit damage nerf. But 2 things are still broken so its still good to go!

thanks for the quick reply!! going to give it a whirl now

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