Beta 0.7.8d Patch Notes


Aura of Decay

  • Now applies poison to enemies 4 times a second (from 3).
  • No longer grants 50% increased poison damage while active.
  • The Seeping Wounds node grants 12% bleed chance per second (from 8%).

Black Hole

  • Increased duration by 10%.
  • Now deals damage more frequently, but deals somewhat less damage each time. This will make its damage more consistent.
  • Now fades out when the skill ends.

Bone Golem

  • Bone Golems (and their variants) deal 15% more damage and pull aggro from 6% further away. This affects the range at which enemies decide to attack the Golem over other targets, not the range at which they decide to enter combat.

Flame Ward

  • Fixed a bug where it gave 10 ward regen by default in addition to its other effects.
  • Now grants 400 ward on use (from 300).


  • Converting Smite to a Void skill now also converts the Fissures it creates.

Wandering Spirits

  • Spectral Putrescence now grants Spirits a 40% chance to cast a projectile each second (from always casting every 2 seconds).
  • Fixed a bug where Soul Of Filth reduced the poison interval by 10% rather than increasing the frequency by 10%, which made it somewhat stronger than intended.
  • Thin Veil increases reveal rate by 7% (from 8%) and no longer reduces damage.


  • You can now move through enemies while channeling Warpath.

Other Changes

  • Earthquake, Erasing Strike, Forge Strike, and Judgement now have 300% added damage effectiveness (from 250%).
  • Increased Earthquake’s radius by 20%.
  • Slightly reduced the maximum distance Ice Shards from Ice Barrage travel.
  • Manifest Armor now deals 67% more damage.
  • Increased Marrow Shards’ base damage by 18% and its added damage effectiveness by 10%.
  • Increased the base damage of Soul Feast by 40%.


  • Updated Meteor’s visual effects, including a simpler ground indicator for when more than two meteors are created with one cast.
  • Updated Teleport’s visual effects.
  • Updated Warpath’s visual effects, which now vary depending on the weapon you have equipped.
  • Quest objective indicators and arrows are now silver for sidequests.


Eye of Reen

  • Fixed a bug where Reen’s Ire was not granting Critical Strike Multiplier.
  • Now displays a buff icon in the UI showing the current number of stacks.


  • Music tracks now smoothly crossfade from one to another when loading a new zone.
  • Increased the volume of footstep sounds.
  • Changed out many old sounds that were used by Primalist skills and summons for newer ones.
  • Added new sounds for Meteor.
  • Added a new sound for Teleport.
  • Added new summoning and attack sounds for most Acolyte minions.
  • Void Husk enemies now use more fitting sounds.
  • Updated the sound for Manifest Weapon.
  • Updated the sound for Riposte (Vengeance proc).
  • Adjusted sounds for the Spreading Frost boss.
  • Added a sound for the bridge breaking in The Precipice.


  • Improved the To Shell With It quest so it’s easier to complete, and fixed an issue that may have prevented some characters from completing it.


Enemy Limits

  • Individual enemy types can now be restricted to be less common in the Arena and the Monolith.
  • Siege Golems and Marsh Beetle Queens are now limited to 1 per wave in the Arena.
  • Siege Golems, Wengari Matriarchs, Wengari Patriarchs, Wengari Raid Leaders, Wengari Beastmasters, and Marsh Beetle Queens can no longer appear in such larger numbers in the Monolith.
  • Siege Golems no longer spawn in arenas that have significant elevation changes.

Siege Golem

  • Immolating Aura now has a 1.5 second delay with an indicator before damage is dealt.
  • Reduced Immolating Aura duration to 6 seconds (from 8 seconds).
  • Increased Immolating Aura damage somewhat now that it is easier to avoid.

Health Scaling

  • Adjusted how Rare enemy health scales with area level. Rares have more health earlier on, but reach about the same amount as before at high levels.


  • Improved the performance of the Architect Liath fight.
  • Improved the performance of tracking health status (i.e. low/high health) and events (i.e. on hit, on kill).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing save data automatically recovering after a OS-level crash or power outage. Characters that were lost in these cases after the release of 0.7.8 should be restored.
  • Fixed a bug where stash tabs would reference the wrong tab in some cases. Existing stashes should be automatically fixed if they’re having this issue.
  • Did a pass over all passives to correct nodes that have different values than stated on their tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug where many stats that depended on having a certain health percentage did not work, such as damage and ailment chance.
  • Fixed a bug where your weapon’s attack rate would not apply after loading or equipping an offhand until you equipped a weapon another time.
  • Fixed a bug where Forged Weapons (such as from Forge Strike) would have very low attack speed if you were unarmed or affected by the previous bug.
  • Fixed a bug where Eterra’s Blessing’s Triage was always targeting the player by mistake.
  • Fixed Meteor’s Cycle of Fire node not working.
  • Fixed a bug where the connection between Ice Barrage’s Shattered Skin and Jagged Ice nodes did not work.
  • Fixed an oversight where the Ice Shards of Skeleton Cryomancers did not have a freeze rate and their Mortars only had half the freeze rate that they should.
  • Fixed a bug where Smite would not create a Fissure if its initial hit killed the target.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented buffs granted for inflicting Spirit Plague on enemies from stacking.
  • Fixed a bug where Storm Totem’s Shockfury and Shielding Totem nodes were not working.
  • Fixed a bug where the Beastmaster’s The Chase node was not working.
  • Fixed a bug where Death Seal’s Devouring Release node would create Hungering Souls too close to the ground, preventing them from hitting targets.
  • Fixed the Druid’s Natural Duality node not granting armor and protections.
  • Fixed a bug where the Druid’s Turtle Form node had a level requirement of 20, rather than 15.
  • Fixed a bug where the Druid’s Unstable Ground node had a level requirement of 15, rather than 20.
  • Fixed the Forge Guard’s Javelineer node granting 10% increased crit multi instead of 10% added crit multi.
  • Fixed a bug where the Heal on Block stat from the Forge Guard’s Rejuvenator node did not show on the character sheet.
  • Fixed the Lich’s Decaying Form node not increasing poison damage taken.
  • Fixed the Lich’s Mental Cacophony node granting increased mana instead of added mana.
  • Fixed the Sentinel’s “of Sword Mastery” and “of Crushing” affixes granting generic added physical damage rather than added melee physical damage.
  • Fixed the Shaman’s Ancestral Speed node not granting haste.
  • Fixed a bug where the Shaman’s Tempest Form node granted +1 strength per point rather than +10 health.
  • Fixed a bug where taking the Sorcerer’s Mirror Breath node would break the functionality of the Dragon Breath node.
  • Fixed the Future Mind node on the Void Knight tree saying that it still gave 3 health (when it now gives 5).
  • Fixed a bug where Spriggan Form and Werebear Form did not have footstep sounds.

There was an issue with the initial release where Meteor’s visual indicator was missing a texture. This has since been corrected, but you’ll need to download another update if you already have the patch installed.

If you experienced a problem with save data (characters and items) during 0.7.8 and this update does not fix them, please contact support with a .zip of your saves and a description of the problem.


Still no updates on the crashes :thinking:
Great work a usual :heart:

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Nice work! Loving the game so far. Can’t wait for Warlock release!
P.S. F Siege Golems lolol


It appears this node is still not working. I’ve removed and added points from and to this node and the minion cast/attack speed values on the stat page, do not change. I’ve checked during and out of combat. The minion attack speed (visual) also does not appear faster or slower when adding or removing points.

It’s giving the vastly wrong value but it is giving some speed. Will be fixed next time. Sorry about that.

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Thank you very much.

I like the fact you are working on balance, and trying to improve the non used skills (Marrow Shards for exemple).


Thank you!!

I like how the team is always looking to balance things and respond very fast to any potential problems. Great game and dev team!!!

METEOR has a pink graphic bug, would you like to know that I am the only one with this problem?

Is it just the ground indicator and is it only when you have more than 2 meteors coming down?

Looks like AoD is back on the menu

It happens with 1 meteor or 2. it is a big pink graphic in the round shape. I tried to take a picture but the site doesn’t support it here.

I made a rar of my save files and sent to supports. My 2 characters were gone after the 0.7.8. My save folder’s is same kilobayt as before but these 2 characters isnt there.

EYE OF THE REEN! :smiley: Awesome!

Thank you. Keep up the great work.

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awesome changes, good work!

This is sooooo cool.

Thanks for this! Much appreciated as this game just shines more each day.

Guys thank you, juicy work as usual :v:

Thanks every member of the team for the game and very pleasant patchs !

Just want to signal the bug with Arcane Ascendance and Focus while taking channeled Lightning Blast is still working. Not like before since you cannot rotate your lightning anymore, but a simple skill cast and Focus again to change the direction of blasts. Could be a new game mecanism implementation ?

Keep up this quality content and creativity !