2x Crash starting Lakeside Trail (Ending the Storm, LvL 80)

First crash whatsoever, redid the echoes and it froze again right at the start of Lakeside Trail.
There must be something with/in that instance, since I replicated the crash.
I can’t provide crash info, since there are no logs in my temp folder ;/

Have you tried getting steam to verify your game files?

Yeah, I did that. Everything was in order.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having this issue, and apologies for the slow response.

Could you describe how the game froze/crashed? If the game closed itself there should have been a crash report, but if the window froze and the “Not Responding” dialogue came up there might not be any crash reports.

Regardless of the crash reports in the temp folder, it’s very helpful to provide your log files and system information alongside as much detail about what happened in game. All of those can greatly help us narrow down the problem.


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