20-30 FPS only on top spec laptop with 4090 gpu

Hi, I am playing with a ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 18 18" QHD 240 Hz laptop that has 4090 card in it. Reinstalled with Windows 10 as I hated Windows 11.

All my games I play at 4K and never had any issues the last 5 months. I buy Last Epoch and my average FPS is about 20-30, maybe up to 60 if standing still in certain area. Pressed F11 to see it.

I have tried to do clean reinstall the drivers with both the latest and second latest, no help.
I have tried to run game both full screen and borderless
I tried to run it as Nvidia suggest using GeForce Experience, nope
Tried to change the fps cap to both 60 and 100 in both options in case it had some issues with me tabbing out and in
If I run it with vsync on/half it use GPU at 100% but still about 28 fps
Tried to run graphic at medium, did not really help
I saw a guide about changing the cpu cores it use and changed affinity so it dont use cpu #0 so system has that, did not help.

CPU is never about 5-10%, mem is about 14 out of 32 gig. Mem on card is about 4 out of 24 in use.

So not sure what to really do now. Others say they have 120+ FPS on much worse GPU than I do.

Same thing with me mate,

Game runs between 140 DPS and drops to 25 FPS every 5 seconds for 1 second only, then repeats this.

Asus rog strix, play all latest games no issues at all 200 FPS.

This game is dog shit atm for some hardware.

The latest NVIDIA drivers are causing massive performance issues. Go back 1 version. Was night and day for me

Seems 1.0 was abit better for me.

Already tried that, did use tool for clean uninstall and then did a new install with 1 version back, did not help. Can you check your version number to make sure I got the right one?

Seems game is not that great optimized on newer hardware.

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Seem like we have similar problem.
My PC has Ryzen 5600x, 32GB RAM, and NVIDIA 3080.

After recent patches the game will run at 25fps regardless of setting. The issue will go away if I reinstall the Nvidia driver but will happen again after I close and reopen the game.

It’s annoying and I don’t want to have to reinstall nvidia driver everytime I want to play game.

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