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2 Characters lost

2 toons lost now. Deleted from my character select screen. Both while loading into another zone. How do you get them back?

Thank You

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

  • All characters are stored locally on your system. If you are on windows they will be in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games. There are no savegames on EHG servers to restore.

  • If anything happened to these files or you used a different login on your system then the characters will be affected.

  • If you are using Steam, and have steam cloud saves enabled, then you may be able to check Steam Remote storage to find the savegames. However, steam cloud saves can also mess up savegames if the game crashed and then steam backed up the corrupted files.

  • If the game crashed, then its possible that the savegames could have been corrupted… If the game did crash then please include your system information and the game logs so that we can see why.

  • I recommend that you manually backup your save games while LE is in beta… This way you will only lose a limited amount of playtime if anything happens to the saves.