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11 Million+ DPS Poison Ballista/Shuriken Build 0.8d


Build Overview

  • High Leech (with bleeding heart)
  • High Damage
  • Can Die If Not Careful


  • Initially posted December 22nd 2020. Viable for 0.8d.




Acid Flask


The main affix on idols you want is % increased damage per dagger.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear is not be min-maxed correctly but should give you a basic idea on how to get started.

Poison Ballista/Shuriken Gear planner Link

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Seriously how do you get perfect gear in every slot for every build you post? I get you play the game more then me but I have never gotten a single item with 4 tier 5 affixes. And here you are posting build after build with all gear slots having 4 tier 5 affixes.
Are you black mailing RNGesus?
Hell my items fracture 35% of the time at 95% plus success chance :frowning:

At least tell me you are reusing gear on different builds, give me a little hope.

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chest and helm are usually only things not resued. When you have gold and you can just sit in front of gambler for 3-4 hours its not hard.

I spent over 2 million to get my paladins gear and it’s still no where near perfect. Best Piece I believe is 2 - tier 5 and 2 tier 4.
I’ve never been one to benefit from luck tho.

was this recently? the critical success makes it even easier. usually starting with t13-t14 is almost guarenteed t20.

It was this week as I’m leveling him now. Just reached 81 and finished the level 90 monolith (just have the 3 level 100 mono’s left)
The chest started with tier 5 strength and tier 5 vitality. I added tier 4 health and tier 4 % health. Item isn’t broken yet but it has a 15% chance of a damaging fracture and with no other chest even close to it, I chose not to risk it yet.

Sometime you just gotta risk it and there ya go. t20 :stuck_out_tongue:

the best loot is found from mobs now, due to having a filter and new updates

stack Fall out the Outcasts to 40+ consecutive monolith clears and you will have 500% rarity

you dont need ‘t20’ gear anyway

edit: also this game is stored on your CPU so technically you can craft an item to fracture and reload your item and recraft it again over and over until you finally hit what you want

I’ve had exactly two items drop that I have ever wore above level 45 (have over 500 hours played) Not including unique or set items.

And no one said you need perfect gear, I was just asking how he gets so much of it.
Not all of us are going to want to cheat, so no that isnt an option.

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I have approx 30 pieces to craft on or so sitting in my stash

all you are missing is the t6 +2 to ballista drop. Farming for that now, didnt even think about using the decoy for more damage from acid flask, will convert over to that. but yeah for the cherry on top we need that extra summon affix, which seems very hard to get :slight_smile:
opps ment to be posted to boardman.

Thats insane to me, since the new loot filter option ive barely had to gamble anything as theres so many good bases that drop - its actually really good.

im just saying you should take that into account when you see someone with perfect items on a non secure game currently

What is your craft strategy to get those items? you gamble in loop and hope to have at least 1 t5 to start crafting the t20 ?

I start with tier 11-15’s. that have 3 -4 of the affixes i want.

But it’s so hard to have at least 3 affixes you want

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No, I just have a strict loot filter to find them now

for bases I only care about a certain base type, then that base has to drop with at least 2 affixes it also needs to be at least T3/3 or I just leave it on the floor

but I dont have more than maybe 5 items that are t20, all my gear breaks roughly t5/4/4/3 etc

ive tried to remove affixes before with a rune of removal + stability and the item has fractured instantly

Hi Boardman21, thanks for making this build, I’m lvling it up currently and it’s fun. I have a few questions:

  1. How do you manage your mana with the Ballistas? They’re kinda expensive and by the time I put two down and drop acid flask on them, I’m nearly out of mana.

  2. How do you do the rotation to take advantage of Flow damage buffs in this build?


Decoy throws the flask for free. You need the -3 mana cost on both rings and -3 cost in shurikems tree to make the skill free. Once its 0 cosr it becomes a mana generator for you. As you level up your mana pool becomes larger making it easier to get everything cast off before needed to mana generate

It’s useless for me try these builds because i play SSF only but good job i guess ^^

Sitting in front of a gambler for 3 hours sounds like torture to me. Good job on getting these builds in a readable format. So much better. :slight_smile:

I hope EHG flays the gambler once MP comes out. In fact it can be no other way. It makes no sense to keep that in with trading.