100% Uptime 400k Damage Earthquake Werebear 0.8.1I

Here your post…did you mean to say earthquake?

oh opps yes i mean earthquake. Sorry thats my bad lol.

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Been playing this and, while it is very fun, it doesn’t seem to rise to the level of needing nerfs. It’s very glass cannon and does appropriate damage as such, especially for a high-level build-enabling unique.

If you drop out of bear form due to damage or lack of mana, you are screwed for almost 20 seconds and likely to die without a movement ability or defenses that bear form brings.

To achieve that damage you have to give up both ring slots, where you could otherwise get a ton of defenses.

It also is unplayable against bosses with Charge targeting issues such as Lagon or Abomination.

Overall the build is great fun and I’m glad it’s in the game. I just hope the expectation it will/should see significant nerfs is wrong. There are a lot of builds that can achieve similar results if you go all-in on their damage.

The way its built in the video is not min maxed
I left it open for people to make it better.

1 example of what I mean is lets look at the rings as you mentioned. This setup was a quick put together. Ideally you could instead get 30% chance to chill on hit in passives and 50%+ blessing.

Now you can craft both rings and gain alot more.

I assure you this is just 1 of many ways to make this build not only more defensive but much closer to OP.

Agreed, and I ended up getting the Shaman passives for chill and dropping to a single chill ring. Those extra passives spent dropped damage/defense accordingly.

It’s still very powerful, but balanced by the fact that you can’t rely on the healing in endgame Arenas and empowered Monos, where a single hit can easily drop you below 30% (and out of Werebear form) with no crit avoidance, glancing blows, and uncapped resists.

Again, not saying it’s not a great build. It is and I love it. I’m just saying it’s maybe not as OP as it first appears due to some of those handicaps. It would take quite a bit of min/maxing to get it to the level of many of your rogue builds, even after some of them were nerfed.

Do you (or anyone) have a workaround for the bosses like Lagon that can’t be targetted by Charge? Build is DOA vs them.

Just use swipe.

Swipe doesn’t do nearly enough damage to phase him without the Charge damage buffs on empowered mono.

It does Some damage though so it works as a work around, until the targeting of lagon is fixed

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Boardman, thanks again for your inspiration! I made some tweaks to your build which I think work really well.

First, I swapped in Titan Heart for the chest – 35% more juicy health, up to 40% melee damage, 15% damage reduction (!), lots of armor, and lightning resist.

I also swapped in the necklace that gives up to 159% damage while transformed, which reduces all resists but that can easily be accounted for now that resists have been buffed and are more plentiful.

I also picked up Wizened Claws and swapped in a thorn totem on hit idol. The rest of my idols are plus spell damage with active totem and melee damage while transformed (over 200% total damage plus some crit to boot). For chill, I’m relying on ice totems (after dropping ice thorns). Using gold rings frees up 4 prefix for spell damage and fire damage, plus whatever resists you need.

Finally, and probably biggest of all, I dropped the 100% stun chance on charge. It’s nice to have to cheese bosses, but it makes Mono a lot slower and overall you gain way more by shifting those points to Wizened claws. You still get a lot of stun from both Mono buffs and passives but you’re not relying on it for damage.

Overall, I now have nearly 2800 health and rising (I only started gearing last night), capped resists, and over 40% armor reduction (without the new blessing, which should push me passed 50%). When combined with Aspect of the Boar, I’ve never dropped below 30% even on empowered Mono. Hardly a glass cannon!


Glad to see your learning and becoming a more powerful hero in eterra :slight_smile:


im confused on the build in the sense of once you were bear all the other skills go away minus swipe. and your LE tools page has you using tempest?

It’s for mana on hit via the Shaman passive.

When you open the build planner and its loaded Push “S”

You will see im using 5 skills that are not Tempest strike (the human form skill bar shows and thats never used, since its 100% werebear uptime)

No, i simply just didnt change my human form skillbar since im never in human form using anything.

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You might want to remove those passive points as well then in that case.

No i wanted the chill chance on hit for earthquake to hit 150% HARDER!

So get it as a blessing (Age of Winter).

One last question, whats causing roots to be cast while in werebear? i havnt figure this out yet lol … NVM figuted it out were bear tree has it! sorry!

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One additional comment – for Mono bosses, I just remove and reequip my helmet so I can assign one point to the 100% stun chance node. That way Monos go fast and then I can cheese the boss!

I can’t do The Black Sun boss Lagon because charge doesn’t work on him and swiping him down takes so long.