100% GPU usage

I am experiencing a weird issue, game runs fine for a while but then, when I open any menu GPU usage spikes to 100% and stays there for a minute heating my GPU, then goes back to normal, once any menu is open goes up again.

I am on amd rx 7600 card with latest AMD drivers.

i have the same issue running on a RX 7700 XT with the newest drivers and when i start LE suddenly my Fans of the graphic cards spinning giga fast because its at 100% load. pls fix this before launch i rly want to play the game when it launches i waited since the start of it.

Maybe i’m not seeing the issue here, but i do think this is expected behaviour of any GPU. If it is not doing that, then you have a CPU bottleneck.

If you don’t have any FPS cap or not using VSync. it will push as many frames as it can.
So if you want to fix it, you should either use vsync or limit your FPS.

However if you do run into issues, such as a system crashes because LE is using your whole GPU, then i would worry about it. since that can be a issue with your system because of high temperatures. (which also causes your fans to go to 100%)

I do have FPS capped, but after extended testing, I noticed that this is a general windows 11 + latest AMD driver(24.1.1) issue that happens on other games, too. This is not Last Epoch specific.

i dont have any issues anymore i dont know what changed but it somehow isnt doing this anymore + i also had framecap…^^ thanks anyways.

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