1 Time Mastery Respec on 1.0

Allow characters, particularly those without their 3rd mastery available, to get a 1 time mastery reselection on 1.0. Its great there are no plans to wipe characters but I think this is the other piece required for people to get invested in the current beta and keep a healthy population.

I don’t think removing one of only two permanent choices in the game is the thing that’s going to make a difference between anyone being invested in it or not.


My girlfriend is set on playing on Falconer and has therefore stopped playing after dipping her toe in but would stick it out if all her progress wasn’t essentially wasted.

being “set on playing” a mastery we haven’t seen yet is kind of strange on itself. not willing to spend the 1~ hour to level another character once it’s out is also strange.

but ok.

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I’d recommend trying to help your girlfriend understand that it’s kind of silly to consider time playing and enjoying a game as “wasted” based on not having done it with an unreleased class she only knows the name of.

It has a bird theme. Not everyone is a neckbeard that only cares about the power implications.

I’d recommend trying to understand your reason for spending time with an electronic toy is no more valid than anyone elses.

Sounds from how defensive they are like somebody was using “my girlfriend” as a proxy to speak for themselves. :wink:


Yes insulting someone’s significant other in a roundabout way tends to have that effect, although I suspect if someone never actually interacts with actual human beings and spends their time on a dead message board shouting down such egregious requests like a courtesy respec at go-live, well I guess that could be confusing for them.

All right then.

In a nutshell, the Devs have said in the past numerous times they are not going to allow respec-ing a mastery. That said, they also always back up a statement like that with “doesn’t mean it won’t change in the future but this is our philosophy at this time and we don’t see any indications that will change.”

So, that means I guess you’ll have to wait for 1.0 because Falconer (and Warlock and Runemaster) aren’t currently slated to get added until that release/full launch.

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A non smarmy response. Thank you sir!

So they wont continue playing a loot based aRPG on a current Rogue because they cannot in approx 6-9 months later respec their current Rogue which after 6-9 months of gear would be overpowered immediately respec into a Falconer immediately unlocking every single skill and passive but at the same time

No but your ‘gf’ does though obviously which is why they cannot be bothered to reroll in 6-9 months…lol

don’t bother.

he’s got us. recent studies have shown that mentioning a girlfriend in an online thread while calling others neckbeards is a thing that normal functional members of the society do. we’re the fringe ones.


Also, if it’s bird themed stuff she likes, Storm Crows are pretty darn cool.


Implying that women don’t play video games and then talking about ‘rerolling’ and a bunch of unrelated crap that doesn’t mean anything to the topic at hand… am I off the mark? I’m going to keep playing myself, I just wanted to play the MP update with someone I know., and maybe she’ll come around, who knows Anyway I’m not coming back here - cheers to the one guy here that isn’t deranged.

I don’t think anyone implied women don’t play videogames. It was suggested and, after all this defensive wall posting, confirmed you don’t have one. The signs are all over the place.

Rerolling is most definitely related to the topic: rerolling is the solution to wanting to play another mastery in this game. And a good one, as it takes under an hour to do so.

You want to win this argument. So on behalf of all other deranged people here, I declare you the winner. Can we go to bed now?

You get a free respecc at 1.0 anyway so no problem there. To be clearer… every char you have will be gone and you start from scratch so do your gf a favour and let her do whatever she want’s untill 1.0 ^^.

Not sure where the confirmation was, nor what “the signs” were. Just because one is an avid gamer does not mean that one is not in a relationship (with a real live person, obviously). I’ve been with my wife for approaching 26 years & married for >>21 of those, and if anyone on this forum would display “the signs”, you’d think it was me. I just wish she’d enjoy gaming as much as I do but sadly no… :frowning:

Talking about rerolling and creating other characters isn’t unreasonable for an arpg especially when the person in question (your gf) really wants to play a particular theme & a) is missing out an a similar one (Beastmaster Crow build as previously suggested) & b) is misding out on a lot of enjoyment playing the game in general (assuming that she would enjoy it to begin with).

You got a link to the devs saying that?

No, the devs have said many times that there will be no wipes and we will be able to play our existing characters in the future (just in a standard league). Not sure why you would say that?

Language is something funny ^^. There are no online chars anymore in 1.0 so everything is respeccable the way people want totaly free aka wipe.

Because afaik they move the toons from online to offline or did I got something wrong?

Yeah, they’re not going to do that (unless I missed something), any pre-1.0 characters will be moved to a “standard” league (like in PoE) so they can’t interact with the refreshed/wiped leaderboards. They aren’t going to be wiped or moved offline.

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