1.0 Server Status Thread

I really don’t get this whining. It’s a small group of people who made this game. The problems atm are not the game itself but the servers. This happened to the real big ones plenty of time.
And what more communication do you need. There are status updates, a discord channel and a forum… They prob don’t read the hate and whine posts atm but work on the server issues. Take a chill pill!

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thats what ppl are doing

how long does the chill pill last you think? its 4 days and im soon out of them

best comment i read so far

I really like the game, and I support the developers.
But to see five days in a row the same thing suggests that the guys just do not know how to fix it.


It’s literally not a “Small” group

This investment does many wonderful things for EHG and Last Epoch, including:

Guaranteeing the stability of our development pipeline through the full 1.0 release of Last Epoch
Allowing funds for required hardware, like more testing machines, and server infrastructure to support Multiplayer
Allowing us to hire and contract industry experts and consultants for the most challenging aspects of development and live operations
Allowing us to expand our team (we’re hiring, join us!) 7
Allowing us marketing capital for the 1.0 release of the game - this means more players to share Eterra with!
Ensuring our stability and growth as a studio for years to come


We’ve scale tested for months with third parties, consultants, the help of infra providers, and our own backend team. We have the ability to scale servers quickly, have reserved a large amount of bare metal machines, and do not have a maximum spend for cloud overflow- it’s all elastic. From the extensive testing we’ve done, unless we do have a really crazy turnout, we should be stable. It’s not lost on us that many much larger companies than us have had issues at launch though… We’re optimistic and if there are issues it certainly won’t be for lack of effort, spend, or ignorance to the importance of launch day.

If we do have issues I promise that we’ll stay very communicative and you can be 100% certain we’ll be all hands on deck working to resolve anything that comes up. We understand what’s on the line.

I will say that this is probably the most stressing thing to the team as we’ve seen games be review bombed and eviscerated when there are launch issues. I remember being frustrated when games I was excited for had launch issues in the past, but now being on the other side of it I’ve seen how much of an emotional toll it can take on a team to face hatred for something that they have tried hard to prepare for but it not be received/gone well despite best efforts. Just in general I think it’s a good thing for the gaming community to understand the impact those types of things have on development teams. That’s not me asking for leniency for our team, just rather an insight I feel worth sharing for gamers in general.

Another thing I’ll share because it’s interesting and something I didn’t understand before being in game development (before LE) - it’s nearly never the game servers that have issues at launch as those are easy to scale as long as you have the funds and willingness to pay the server providers (typically Google or Amazon), it’s more often an issue with services like login/authentication/database rate limiting. We use Steam and other services that are battle tested at scale for these things.

But, in summary, we’ve prepared heavily and have every reason to suspect we’ll be in good shape come launch day. If there are issues we’ll be communicative and working to address anything that comes up immediately.

Thanks all, sorry for the long post here


Except now without the communication it feels like they’re doing nothing or less. Which probably isn’t true but still

It is not normal that u pay for something announced 1.0 and u can not access it. The company should be well prepared before launching the 1.0 version of the game. Now the statistics going down people are unhappy most of them looking for a refund. Company will loose lots of customers and so money. And the name of the company will be known as mehhh. So bad.

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They respond like that because they dont know better way of doing it in the first place.
Or are not capable to handle extra stress for whatever reason (might be personal or whatnot).
Im only saing that telling them to stop cry only makes it worse for them.
If u are concerned in them entering unhealthy loop, go give tame private msg, give them proffesional asssistance and take resposibility for them.
We both know u dont have such intentions with all respect to you bro

  1. They have right to do it
  2. We have no right to stop them if we dont intent to take resposibilty for they stress that is caused by devs/server providers/etc.
  3. u are saying they are doing something wrong but u dont give them any solutions to they problem, thats irresponsible man, and its even more toxic that complaining on *a thing, because your denaying theyr feeling that they have right to have (they literally boght that right- no matter how funny it sound
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Its NOT a small Group…

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What a shame… The game will now look like shit on steam forever. Try better next times devs

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server dead again

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loaded game up fast from steam, but when I tried to load in character it took forever and then once i got in game I teleported to my main quest and I’ve been in loading screen for 20 mins? any idea what’s going on? really enjoying the game when i get to play it

They don’t know what’s the problem at all. That’s really bad. 4 days after launch and still servers are terrible.

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They did a great job the first few days keeping us in the loop. It’s fallen off quite a bit but I understand it’s the weekend.

My worry is how this will play out tomorrow -

Morning business hours, low load, game works great, EHG will post some positive updates, “Everything working great, servers are smooth, issues ironed out, etc”

Evening when people get home from work and servers are slammed - the devs are offline/off work and servers are hosed. And no comms to players about what’s going on.

Rinse and repeat Tuesday.


That’s the typical experience people are having

Connecting - Back to Main Menu - repeat for 2h, nearly a week in since launch …

Please tell me you’re kidding. Aren’t you seeing the 5000+ messages in this blogpost? Literally been like this for days.

damn, I just got up. was hoping things were better today.

seems straight broken hard right now…once in the game things are “ok” but lag, and LE 65 now

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