0.8.4 and Beyond - October 2021 Development Update

  • The ability to stay in transforms permanently more easily


This patch sounds legendary

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Wow looks amazing! love the new flame reave visual.

Wow… So the dungeons really surprise me. I never ever hear about this before. Maybe because I missed the last few dev streams entirely… Are there any infos about this? (looking at you, @AndrewTilley ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

Just to make sure… Beyond 0.8.4 is a really huge range. You say “chapters 10-12”. According to my last known information the new chapters come after release (what also means "beyond 0.8.4). Pointing it out makes me feel like it may come pre release? Is that planned?

So, get our Fractured Crowns now?

Awesome once again! Been looking forward to the Legendary introduction and to see what you have in store for dungeons. :sunglasses: :ok_hand:

Wow you guys are Spot on with those changes. Giving unser exalted items a new Meinung, spriggan and void Monsters really need an overhaul and I am excited what the neq dungeon System looks like. The werebear also looks great.
Keep on the good work.

Ps: Cant wait for the new endgame System as the monos start to get boring.

Oh btw please include the new areas from chapter 9 in monos as they Look awesome.

At these points, the mental cinema began. Great!

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Considering Dungeons were only added to the roadmap in the patch 0.8.3 forecast…this is definitely surprising news. Before that, they were used as an option in a poll on one of the streams – which I recall being about what people hoped for most to be added to LE – and they won that poll. Then they ended up on the roadmap a month or two later lol. I’m excited for sure, and like yourself, I don’t know much about them because there’s been very little said about them – that I can recall. I can only imagine that’s going to change in future streams (hopefully).

Last I read from Mike on Discord was that chapter 10 is planned by launch with the other chapters coming afterward. But he also said on stream (or Discord) that these plans aren’t concrete and that they could change. So…maybe…we get one (or no) more chapter(s) before launch.


At least some of the newer mobs introduced with cahpter 9 are in the monos. :slight_smile:

I’m most excited for the dungeon, wait… that sounds sadistic.

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That is true although I almost only see those huge scarabs and those big snakes which summon sandstorms. The Rest I dont encounter in monos at all.

Looking forward to dungeons!

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I took quite a break from the game, but this update is exactly what brings me back to grind LE like a maniac.

Thank you for your amazing work and care to your community :cupid:

I gotta say every patch has something new to check out or adds more depth to the game.

Can’t wait until this game is fully out and multiplayer.

Is there going to be any work done to the damage indicators or the character sheet? Its still missing some things like penetrations. I really wish we had a better dummy to use, one that we can apply resistances too and test different builds.

I know that they’ve said that they are working on both the character sheet and better damage indicators, including a “boss” training dummy I believe.

This sounds like one of the more exciting patch in a long while!

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That is seriously awesome news, thanks EHG.

Edit : also thanks for dungeons, legendaries, caches, visual rework, voice acting and dialogues, new sounds, new models, random layouts, the druid i’ll finally play for the first time, … I can’t keep up with all the good stuff, so just ty !

Wow… These reworks and plans look AMAZING. The visuals are insane, love it all. Keep up the great work, you deserve all the success you’re having with LE!