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[0.8.3D] Main quest direction is miserable

…on the Lagon quest line, after beating him/her/it eventually you will come to the step where you have to ‘Board the ship to [Soreth’Ka]’. I happen to leave the game before doing that step and on returning the follow-up golden quest marker is placed in End of Time… but there is nothing there. As it turns out it requires travelling to Tethima in the Divine Era where a quest pointer will be available.

I have had things like this before and the answer then was, replay the questline and you’ll be fine. So I did to this time, killed Lagon again and luckily it crashed on portal exit. Great fun!

Please add a ‘I am a nub, point me in the right direction’ button, thank you.

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

The request for clearer quest markers for this exact quest has been posted in the Bug forum - so the devs have probably taken note of it… No idea what a future patch might include in this regard tho…

As to the “it crashed on portal exit” - the game is in beta so things like this can and do happen, but if its often there might be something that can be done about it… If you want to look into that issue, please post your player.log, le_graphicsmanager.ini and the output of a dxdiag report and I will see if I can suggest something to improve stability in the current game.

I know it is in beta and therefore I replayed the Lagon questline to see if that fixed my problem. To be honest the game is pretty stable (and fun, even more important). For it to be stable I do need to play it on low graphics since 0.8.1 (I have not tried a higher setting since though).

Anyways in the hopes of fixing the portal:
le_graphicsmanager.ini (461 Bytes)
Player.log (403.0 KB)
DxDiag.txt (76.5 KB)

Keep up the good work!

Yip… The current beta state does mean that things are not perfectly stable… but the game is also pretty unoptimised right now so even small setting changes can have a big impact on stability & performance.

A few things from looking at your files:

  1. Player.log isnt showing anything other than the usual debug messages I have seen in other player.logs… One or two things the devs might notice but nothing big that I can see that would be explaining crashes…

  2. I would recommend that you Verify the Game files through steam… A lot of odd things tend to be resolved by making sure the install is fine and it does tend to get messed up if the game crashes… Personally, I do this after each patch update just to be sure…

  3. Your hardware - CPU is a little long in the tooth but it still should be more than fine for LE… Your GPU is about 50-60% faster than the recommended and if the game were optimised, I’d say Medium settings at 1440p with around 60fps could be expected… However, because its unoptimised, Low or even Very Low would be more realistic right now - especially at the higher resolution where every issue is exacerbated. E.g. I use a 1060 @ 1080p on very low and I limit the game to 60fps because if I let it run at the 100fps+ that it is capable of (or I increase the quality) , then the game crashes when going through portals/loading maps, fps spikes, game freezes… etc…

  4. LE is more stable using the in-game framerate limiting rather than Vsync… No idea why at this stage, but it seems that way… So I would recommend going that route instead of Vsync if you can… At 1440p, I am not sure what fps would be a good target, but a way to check this is to watch your GPU usage while standing in town (I use end of time) and set the FPS limit to where you GPU is 60-70% while your char is doing nothing… This seems to be the sweet spot in terms of allowing a GPU enough headroom to handle busy in game moments without permanently maxing out and it allows you to tune in an acceptable FPS… Very important that you limit LE in some way right now as it can max out a GPU - sometimes for no apparent reason…

  5. Your windows is on 19041… there is 19042/43 patches that you may want to consider - there were a few older microsoft hotfixes that were not ideal for game fps - they were rolled back, but upgrading to 42/43 would be better

  6. Most of your system errors (diagnostic section at the end of the dxdiag file) show Memory management warning from Windows - things like RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 - these can usually be safely ignored as they are just windows saying an app didnt manage its memory properly when it closed… … however, there are some others that are potentially not good.

  7. Your system is having an application crash with the Desktop Window Manager (System32/dwm.exe) - this is a Windows System component that basically handles all the windows Gui rendering, animations, effects, high res monitor functions etc… Its not great that its crashing as it could definitely impact on other graphically intensive apps like games… Unfortunately finding the root cause and fixing it can be pretty hard… Usually safe mode (DDU) GPU driver reinstallations are the first step to take but if the system files are messed up / corrupted etc then the problem can be harder to resolve… You can try the System File Checker process but its unlikely to be a silver bullet. I would recommend checking the View Reliability History on your system and seeing if the errors provide any insight into why the dwm.exe could be crashing. The key here is to find out why it happened - and if its nothing serious then you can move on… but if its indicative of something bigger then its important to resolve.

  8. There is one game crashing on atioglxx.dll which is the OpenGL driver for your graphics card… Obviously could just be the game but it could also have something to do with your GPU driver like the other issue.

Thats about all I can see from the info - thankfully you are not experiencing constant crashing but something above might make it more stable for you.