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0.8.2H patch game loads and crashes on login screen

I have a i9 9900k 64 gb ram and a 2080Ti and there should be any reason for me to crash patch 0.8.2h I had no issues with this new patch has screwed something up

I’m also crashing upon launching the game. It boots, gets past initial loading screen, then freezes on the main menu.

Radeon HD 7970
16GB DDR3 1866

also I have re-installed the game my gpu driver changed ram speeds uninstalled the windows 10 20H1 update still same issue.

Hey, Welcome to the forums @Lowedownanddirty @Laerx

I played for 2-3h just after the patch had launched and I have just logged in a few minutes ago without any hassles… There doesnt seem to be any info on discord about general problems with the H patch and logins.

The first thing I would suggest is that you verify the game via steam - with all the patches dropping, verifying the game after installs usually fixes most issues…

This is something that another high end user found when changing GPU drivers - it reset his to 300mhz - based on this, I would suggest rolling back a version or two of your GPU driver and seeing if it makes any difference to your stability.

I doubt windos 20h1 will make any difference… I have been running 20h2 and am about to update to 21h1 on the next reboot…

Please can you check your Last Epoch folder for .logs - especially error logs in a crash folder - these will give us a lot more info as to what the exact problem is…

rolled back driver still same issue I use ddu to uninstall the driver as well.

the only thing in .log file is bmslog and the text document has nothing wrote to it at 0kb

the game is broken I have did all I know how to resolve the issue from clock speeds on cpu gpu and ram reverted from 21h1 on windows reverted drivers like you said also nothing is recorded in the .log file about the crashes the game is just busted on this patch.

Sorry you are having such trouble with the game… Unfortunately its something very specific to your setup - if it were not then players like me and others would be unable to play and I have been playing for most of the day today without any hassles whatsoever.

Unless you can send the logs and other system information etc then its going to be very hard to help.

GPU drivers causing ram speed changing has nothing to do with LE but is definitely something that should not be happening on a system… so this tells me that something is wrong on your system and to try and find it will take information.

Please see the EHG support page for where to find the log files, dxdiag and other information that will be needed to try and figure out what is going on with your setup…

read in the replies on this thread I started someone else is having the same issue not just me

Look… I am just another player like you trying to help out… If you dont want that help then say so and i will stop trying…

If you want help, then post the info…

Player.log (10.7 KB)
Player-prev.log (10.7 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (482 Bytes)
output_log.txt (868.1 KB)
launcher-log.txt (1.5 KB) (18.5 KB)

Ok… From the information you provided:

  1. The player.log indicates that you are using Steam… Please confirm that you have verified the game files. I mentioned this before but its important that you do this as most of the problems after a new patch drops are caused by incomplete or corrupted installs. If you are using the launcher be aware that they are using a very different login process so cannot be compared.

  2. The launcher-log seems to indicate that you do not have the game installed - I am assuming that you are using Steam?

  3. In-game graphics settings show that you are running the game on Ultra settings at 1440p with no framerate limiting. This is very unstable. There are people using 3080 GPUs with CPUs faster than yours that have found that they need to use Medium/High settings at higher resolutions with 120fps limits just to stop the game from crashing. This is more a factor of the game optimisation or lack thereof than of the hardware.

  4. You are not using any framerate limiting - without some limit in place LE will push your GPU as much as it can and in some cases will MAX it out for no reason - like standing in town with 100% GPU usage. Obviously this means your GPU is working its arse off and any additional strain can cause it to crash. And thats not even addressing thermal or power delivery issues that this may cause. This can and DOES happen in LE at the moment… It is recommended that you set your FPS limit to whatever your monitor can handle or LESS - 144fps is likely to be far too high. A good way to gauge this is to watch GPU usage during play and if its averaging in the 80/90’s during normal play then thats probably too high and you need to reduce the fps limit to improve stability.

  5. Your graphics drivers & OS patching seem ok.

  6. Disable any other apps while testing LE… this includes things like graphic overlays (steam/nvidia etc) and obviously any video capturing etc… Please note that even the most obscure things have proven to cause problems with Unity (the game engine LE is written on) - for example - things like Citrix and Teamviewer have caused LE to crash on startup/login. So its important to temporarily disable them while testing.

  7. Be aware that if you are using any sort of overclocking with the unoptimised LE, stability can be a problem.

  8. At the end of your dxdiag file is a diagnostic section that outlines the recent errors on your system. It is important to go through these and ensure that the cause of any of the serious errors is found and corrected. There are two Bluescreen errors but no further information on them - you will have to check your Windows Error logs to find and resolve that… Obviously bluescreen errors are not a good sign - irrespective of LE. The other things that is most obvious is that there are a lot of RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 errors happening with many different applications/games/utilities including LE… This error usually refers to a problem with Memory and normally its just an app that fails but according to your dxdiag its happening with lots of different apps. Memory problems could also explain the Bluescreen so its important that you check your system and find out what is causing these issues. You may even have to run some hardware memory tests…

  9. You may have corrupted savegames/settings in LE… As a test, backup the Last Epoch folder and then delete it and restart Steam, reverify the game files and then launch the game… This will ensure a blank slate - if it allows you into the game without crashing then the problem could be in one of the files it attempts to load and you will have to copy back your savegames etc and see if everything is ok.

  10. Is there no crashes folder with error logs in the last epoch folder? Error logs are usually generated by the game if it registers the crash… If there are no errors/crash folders then it usually means that the process was crashed outside of the games debugging process and usually means something external caused the crash/was involved.

  11. As an outside chance once you have confirmed that the files are verified - running the lastepoch.exe from the install folder instead of playing the game through steam can sometimes get past the login screen by bypassing steam… Be aware tho, doing this will probably make your Steam Cloud Save get out of sync so be sure to backup your savegames before trying it.